Linger – Brian Wiltse

Brian Wiltse

Brian, “the bassman bambino” as he has been called for several years wrote this touching little tune back in our stay together in South Korea from 2000 to 2008 approximately.  I remember hearing it back then and being touched by the lyrics and craftsmanship of the song.  I was pretty sure I could do a better recording of it too.  The challenge was set and we got to work on it back in late 2016 and even filmed some beautiful video footage at Buntzen Lake in Vancouver, but due to schedule upheavals it wasn’t completed until yesterday!  Check out these touching lyrics and the video below.

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The High School Blues – James Purdie

The High School Blues (A True Story)

“What happens when James faces off with one of his old teachers, who berated him at his high school?

Tension and comedy, that’s what!! The story joins “Old Man Teacher” who knocks on James’ door. After the two face off, will there be forgiveness in the end? This is a little song I whipped up some time ago reflecting my high school Continue reading “The High School Blues – James Purdie”

The World Stops – Brad Hampton

The Worlds Stops by Brad Hampton 

Here’s another sweet video we did for Kamloops recording artist Brad Hampton back in 2010.  Here once again I teamed up with Curtis Good for an excellent script, which really speaks for itself.  This is a very powerful song which we felt ought to be in film! So we did it!  I’m surprised Brad hasn’t already shot to stardom with this amazing song.  Here’s the lyrics and the story behind the song in Brad’s own words: Continue reading “The World Stops – Brad Hampton”

Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Here’s an upgraded version of Steve Butler’s heart-warming hit song and classic, “Old Mr. Jones”, which he wrote while we were back in Korea and playing in the bands, “Faded” and “Kunyang”.

Here’s the singer Stephen Butler’s Contact info on Facebook:

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All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K

All Along The Long-board

All along the long board is a comical script by my co-producer Curtis Good.  We work on a lot of projects together.

We modified it a lot together to try and include some spiritual elements, (one of my main life objectives) that would cause the viewer to question the mundane reality we live imposed on humanity. I have a special “soul story” Continue reading “All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K”