Free Audio Books And The Greatest Library On Earth! Ladies and Gentleman.  Children and ESL Learners of all ages.  I wanted to share with you the world’s greatest, free public library of Audio Books.  This has quickly become one of my greatest treasures in life.

follow All you need to do is hop into your “ Керри отис разрушенная красота Internet-Browser-Space-Ship” and fly over to the website and you may enjoy thousands of free audio books in the public domain.  And I’ll tell you the best books in the world are nearly are all free!

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Essential Korean For ESL Teachers Hey friends.  How’s it going? I was just thinking about all of my Korean stories, which I have written out recently and I suddenly remembered what it was like in the first few years trying get by with such a huge language barrier.  I distinctly remember that the “turning point” in the success of my teaching had a lot to do with learning some basic Korean phrases to control classrooms.  So what I’m going to do is quickly share some of the most common and effective words for gaining class control and happiness.  I should also say that the Korean alphabet is the easiest in the world to learn with only 24 characters and anybody can learn it in just twenty minutes.  So that would also be a good start.

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Easy ESL With Musicals bondwelcHello again.  I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite ESL teaching secrets.  This is how I taught my own children as they were growing up in Korea!  (Yes even their first language was Korean and to a lesser extent English, since they spent the majority of their days in Kindergarten or with their Korean Aunties and cousins).

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Small Kids ESL Videos

naturalesl As you know, music is one of my big secrets for teaching.  Music is great for all kinds of teaching really, but it works amazingly with ESL learners.  I just wrote an article about my favorite Musical Movies for ESL Learning, however, for younger children there are some different recommendations.  By younger kids, I mean any age before 9 years old.  Several recommendations from the “Musical Movies For ESL Learning” article are great too.  But there are definitely several more that fit better with younger children.

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The Tadpole Song (올챙이송 영어버전)

bondwelcAre you looking for a good song to teach at your English Camp?  Look no further.
The perfect song is here with its lyrics for studying:
The Tadpole Song (올챙이송 영어버전)  Here’s the story. I was asked at one summer camp at 성북초등학교 to make an English Version of the 올챙이송.  I did it quickly in an hour and it turned out very well.  And here it is: Continue reading “The Tadpole Song (올챙이송 영어버전)”

The Psychology of Teaching

The Psychology of Learning: Putting the fun back into ESL.

Learning is naturally fun and healthy.  It’s growing and that is one of the greatest feelings in life!! But what happened to your natural love for learning?  Remember the eager child that you were?  Always wanting to learn about this or that.  Curious about everything. Right?

How to Teach ESL in Korea

Купить закладки LSD в Беслане How to Successfully Teach English in Korea:

Наро-Фоминск купить Амфетамин Сульфат розовый bondwelcSo you want to teach ESL in Korea?

It truly is a wonderful plan and experience if you execute it properly! I would love to tell you how to succeed, so that it makes life easier for all potential teachers and Korean people who you will meet at work. First let me start by listing some of the wonderful benefits to teaching in Korea:

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The Best ESL Games

source Students having fun in an ESL Game. (The way it should be!)

enter site bondwelcHello ESL Teachers and Friends.  How are your classes?  Would you like a little help in making it better?  Try using some of these fun games to liven up your class.  I taught in Korea for more than ten years and my success had a lot do with the fun teaching style I used and innovated.

Great games are an excellent way of making a class exciting.  I frequently used catchy music while teaching and for lessons, in general, I always used ESL Games to make everyone feel and believe that they are having fun while they learn.  Here’s some of the best games.

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