Get Healthy With The Bibimbap Diet! 돌솥비빔밥

If you’re looking for a healthier way to eat, let me introduce to you the “Bibimbap Diet.” Bibimbap is a very popular dish of rice and vegetables in Korea, but there’s a certain “healthy wisdom” in this dish which you can expand into an entire diet.  This is something that I’ve started to do in the last few years myself.  Continue reading “Get Healthy With The Bibimbap Diet! 돌솥비빔밥”

Living in Korea

A lot of people have asked me what it’s like living in Korea? Well it’s very interesting and fun once you get used to it.  I pulled out this video and decided to share so that people can see what an average day looks like in Seoul, South Korea. Continue reading “Living in Korea”

The Things I Love About Korea A typical road-side highway rest stop in Korea.If you ever get the chance to travel and live in another country for a few years or more, it’s a wonderful chance to compare and contrast cultures and see what makes them each successful and beautiful in their own ways. It’s actually an amazing wonder in our day and age just to be able to go and live in worlds that evolved seperately for thousands of years and I will tell you, it just doesn’t get any more different than Korea and Canada.  I was simply awe-stricken when I first arrived.  My first 12 hours in the country lives like an interesting impressionist painting in my memory because after you have stayed awake for so long on a plane, you’re jet-lagged, exhausted and in a semi-conscious state of mind with definitely some “dream-like” perceptions taking place around you.

Амфетамин новая почта Continue reading “The Things I Love About Korea”

Those Fantastic Sesame Leaves Hello again.  I’ve been waiting a long time to tell you about this delicious piece of Korean cooking.  I’ve had so many things to say here on, but this has been one of the top stories that I’ve been dying to share.  So sit back and listen to this follow site tasty tale from a Canadian guy who lived in Korea for twelve years and fell in love with their healthy foods. Continue reading “Those Fantastic Sesame Leaves”

Kimchi the Superfood And How To Make It

Корсаков It’s nearly impossible to talk about Korean culture without mentioning the healthy and delicious representative food, kimchi, the pride of Korea.

follow url There are actually quite a few different types of “kimchi’s”, spicy, fermented vegetables, but Chinese Cabbage is usually the first one we always think of, though radish is very common too. Continue reading “Kimchi the Superfood And How To Make It”