Rock Scissors Paper

Rock Scissors Paper ESL Game! ESL In Korea

Rock Scissors Paper ESL Game!  ESL In Korea

Rock Scissors Paper:

bondwelcIt’s quite a phenomena in Korea this game.  You can throw it into so many situations.  You can imagine you’re playing baseball and maybe you ask quiz questions, and maybe a “rock scissors paper” determines whether the student advances to another base.  Perhaps the “pitch” is a study question.  The “hit” is the right answer and rock scissors paper to see how far they go (at each base an opposing team-mate can “rock scissors paper” to see if they made it past that base or not).bondwelc




Last Letter Word Game

Last Letter Word Game:

This is a simple ESL-Game you can play with students who are past their Phonics level and building up their English vocabulary.   It’s very easy.  You just start with a word, then the student must make a new word starting with the last letter of the word you chose, and so on.  Give students three to five seconds to come up with a word, or they are out.  Example: I say, “Cat”, next Continue reading “Last Letter Word Game”

Story Improv


Story Improv

bondwelcStory improv can be a lot of fun again for the older students.  First student starts out “One day I went fishing…” next student adds a new sentence or word, however, you decided.

“I’m going camping…”:

For this game you use the memory, remember it now?  “I’m going camping and I’ll need ________”.  Students have to recite all that has been said before and then add one new item.

Not only is this a great game, it can be a great chance to improve a students’ acting abilities if you want to stand up and act it out.  Acting really is a great talent!bondwelc




Word Anagrams and Back Writing

Word Anagrams are great for ESL Games. Best for advanced students.

Word Anagrams:

Word Anagrams are great for ESL Games.  Best for advanced students.Some people call them “word jumbles” too.  They are great little puzzles and they are so easy to do.  Just grab any word you wish and write the letters randomly.  Make two teams or four teams if you like.  Here’s an example.  “What’s this everybody? “rowlfer”.  A-team shouts out “flower”! “That’s right! Awesome! One star for A-team.”

Back Writing:

bondwelcIf they are younger kids learning the ABC’s, then try “back writing”.  One student writes the letter on the next team members back, which the teacher has randomly chosen and whispered to the first players.