A Birthday Kitten


Коряжма bondwelcWow it’s so amazing how fast children grow.  Two years ago my son wanted a kitten for his birthday.  And for two quick years.  Him and the cat grew at the exact same speed! It was amazing to see.  I didn’t believe it until I saw this video a few days ago!!  See for yourself.bondwelc 

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Ginger the Amazing Wonder-Cat From Korea!

Ginger the Miracle Cat

enter bondwelcHi there.  Most of my students are always asking to hear the true story about Ginger, the ‘miracle-cat’ that we found in Korea in 2007.  It’s hilarious and true.  So here it is and you can watch the video version too if you want down below.  This is the actual video I made the very first day we found baby Ginger!  Enjoy.

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