Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Hey friends.  Don’t let yourselves be ripped off by Cell Phone companies any longer.  With the big 3 telecom companies donating heavily to the major political parties, Canadians will never see justice, until people wake up.  In the meantime bear this advice in mind.

First and foremost, unless you want to waste hours of time, life-sweat, frustration and hard earned money, don’t sign any phone contract in Canada.

If you need a phone and don’t use it very much, just get a 10$ sim card from 7/11 and top up your phone with 100 minutes for only 25$. The great thing is these minutes never expire for an entire year.  After wasting my time and money with Rogers back in 2009-2010 I chose to never use one of the big three Carriers again.

With work requiring me to make more business calls, however, I needed to upgrade from 7/11 speakout.

The first company I tried with free texting 500 minutes of talking time Canada-Wide was Virgin Mobile and apart from the sassy British Model on their answering service, it was a very disappointing experience.  After a few months, I started to get fake data charges added on to my bill, in which I had to waste several hours on the phone to make them go away. 

Even more frustrating was they had started to do this to my family’s phones as well too.  I had to waste most more time dealing with that. That was enough for me.  I really feel sorry for the workers who are forced to be dishonest for a living.  That’s got to be the sickest thing about the culture we live in.

My next experience has been with Chatr and I’m pleased to say that although, it costs 35$/month for unlimited talk/texting, I have never experienced a phony overcharge ever! So I’m quite pleased with their integrity so far.

As for Data, that’s completely up to you.  Each of the mentioned carriers above have data options, but I’m personally content with Wifi which is nearly everywhere these days, especially if you have Shaw internet at home, you can find Shaw Hot Spots nearly everywhere and have your phone automatically connect!  Let me know if you find any better deals and send links if possible.  I would like this to be a forum for the best deals across Canada!  Have a great day!

Note: I heard pretty good things about Freedom Mobile in Vancouver, but they won’t work with all phones.  Anyways, I have since moved back to Kelowna, BC.  

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