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  • Do you need some counseling?
  • Do you need someone to talk to?
  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Are you in a difficult situation?
  • Are negative influences keeping you down?
  • Suffering from anxiety, mental complexes?
  • Are you trying to find your true path in life?
  • Your higher Self and True Destiny?

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Купить закладки экстази в Воронеже That is a brief check list for reasons to consider trying some counseling. I’m a Psychology Graduate from UBC with a special focus in counseling psychology, plus considerable awareness in holistic health, art therapies, dreams, Yoga, Jungian Psychology, fitness and nutrition. Why not try a free consultation? Click contact here to setup an appointment.  Payments are by donation and flexible. Suggested payment is $40-100 depending on length of time.

Анадырь One free consultation is usually all it takes to discover whether there is a connection or not.  The “inner-connection” is the basis for all meaningful relationships and counseling.  People know instinctively and intuitively in a split second.

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Метадон продам Often all that is required is for an individual who has progressed a considerable degree on their “inner-journey” to recognize the sincere attempts of one who is just embarking on that “hero’s journey” themselves as Joseph Campbell might put it.

follow link Take a look at the wisdom of today’s favorite modern myth, “Star Wars”.  Luke Sky-walker was working and living with his Uncle on the farm of a desolate planet, completely unaware of his true self, true purpose, true history and identity.  His Uncle certainly wouldn’t tell him the truth. Then, wise Ben Kenobi comes and Luke’s life and path are changed in an instant.  And so it is with good counseling.  The question is are you ready to open up, then to look at and discuss the only truth that matters, one’s own “soul story”.

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