Genius ESL Students.  Learn how you can make your students into ESL Geniuses.

bondwelcThese were my SuperStar students from Kwang Nam Elementary School in Seoul. This was one of my favorite schools and experiences for sure. You can see how well my "Bondaygee ESL System" works here. Mind you the students were pretty nervous doing their little recitals and did their best to say the words as fast as possible. If you were to talk to them and normal speed they could answer with near perfect pronunciation. Click a student to hear their recitals and the "Browser Back" button to go back to start.  The story about these great students can be found here at "The Amazing ESL Story".bondwelc

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Why Use the Bondaygee System:

1. What is the "Bondaygee Secret"?

bondwelcImagine every class in your school, whether it be High School or Elementary School, all happily competing to see who can be the first to memorize all of Bondaygee's Very Good Words™ study videos! As a matter of fact, it's been done before and I can honestly tell you the results were astonishing!!

How was is it done? Easy, just start off each class with one of my Very Good Words Vocabulary Videos! They are full of energy and they only take two minutes to practice and sing. Because these essential English Words are strung together like "pearls" on a musical string, they are "piece of cake" to memorize. Now when you have every classroom all competing to be the first to memorize the words, the learning pace becomes phenomenal!

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Very Good Words ESL

What are "Bondaygee's Very Good Words?"

Just show me! 빨리 보야주세요!bondwelc

The "Very Good Words" Collection is an:

Essential English or Korean Vocabulary-Pronunciation-Mastering-System.  You never forget the words!

Please note: This system is much easier than you think, but you should follow these suggestions:

1. For English People learning Korean: a) First learn the easy Korean alphabet. b) Print the word lists and read as you listen. In a very short time you don't need the list. Lists are here:

2. For Korean students, print out the lists found at and read the word list as you listen.  In a very short time you won't need the list.  Just watch the video or you can sing it yourself!

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Important Update: The majority of beginner ESL Materials are moving here!

For the beginner study materials, please choose: ESL Beginners (완전초보) at:

Bondaygee's English is for just about everybody.  But I must admit, I had a lot of natural enthusiasm for teaching children.  Much of that came from my Grandmother, who was my best teacher.

If you happen to be teaching children, make sure you're using good games to make it fun.  Please check out my "BEST ESL GAMES" page. It's essential for good class experience.