James’ Songs

follow url Hi friends. Here’s some of the songs, which I made back in Korea.

follow Адыгея купить шишки 1. The Bondaygee Song (번데기 송):

https://irealenal.ru/zakladki-metodon-v-morozovske.html It was important because I got the whole ‘bondaygee concept’ from this creation.


https://dogspretty.ru/staf-moskva-otradnoe.html https://numanigwer.ru/siktivkar.html 2. Soju Wonderland (소주원더랜드):


Купить закладки в Краснокаменске  

Купить Твёрдый Шарья This is a hilarious song.  When you first live in Korea, you will find your glass filled with Soju many times.  You’ll probably be dancing and singing at the Noraebangs too! (노래방)

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source site Гашиш в Саке 3. The Shoe That Fits You (임현주)

here A great song for a really special person I once knew.

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Москва Раменки купить MDMA Crystal [Import]  

follow I’ve made a lot of ESL and Comedy music videos, but here are some of my best “real” music videos on Youtube.

go Or here’s my general Youtube Channel.  I’m always things, educational, comical, musical, etc.  Drop by and say Hi.

follow link https://www.youtube.com/user/jamesbondaygee