Who is Mr. Bondaygee??


James Purdie:

1990: Attended Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC.

1991: Made major break-through in understanding of Psychology and life-calling.  Experienced what many call "Spiritual Awakening," through profound connection with a wise Counselor.

1993: Attended University of Lethbridge.  Played in music band.

1994: Took time off school to study French culture in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and Montreal.

1996: Returned to BC and University of British Columbia to finish Psychology Major.

1997: Canadian, UBC Graduate, James Purdie decided to move to Korea to teach ESL and learn about foreign culture and languages.

2000: While teaching children, English Teacher, James, has idea to make a "Bondaygee" song (번데기 송) after hearing students chant "bondaygee bondaygee" 번데기 번데기.  James later shares song with students who suddenly love it!

2002: James creates an English School in Cheongju, South Korea, named "JJ's English Friends", and starts to make his own curriculum while carefully watching how students learn.

2003: James starts using video as a teaching tool, putting students right into "video dialogues" and then giving digital copies of their work so they don't forget the lessons and English dialogues. 

2003 Later: James asks students what kind of video they want to make?  Students cry for a "Bondaygee Movie" Musical Comedy.  James agrees and transforms into comical hero, "James Bondaygee" for the film.  The film becomes major success with all students throughout Korea.

2004: James turns the most important study-word-lists into musical songs and then videos.  The Very Good Words System is born!  Students thrive and beg for more.  James completes 8 Very Good Word Songs and videos without rest!

2005: James moves to Seoul and starts teaching in public schools.  For first time, James introduces himself as "Mr. Bondaygee".  The students are incredibly inspired!  They learn "Mr. Bondaygee's Very Good Word" Songs at incredible speed.  They thrive. It's awesome. Check out that story here!

The rest is history!

2009 James returns to Canada, ending the ten plus years of teaching in Korea.  James continues to teach ESL online through SKYPE and work further in the Creative Arts, making the Bondaygee Arts Studios in Kelowna, BC.



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