What happened to human potential and society?

What happened to human potential?

Did you ever get the feeling that we humans could do a lot better, deserve better and could create a more beautiful, harmonious society? The answer is yes we can and yes we do deserve better. Sometimes you might even catch a glimpse of that awesome potential, society we could be living in, on some other timeline. I just want to share with you some of the reasons how and why society went awry and what are some of the solutions in my opinion. Something I’ve come to believe strongly in the last 20 years is the old phrase “Truth is Light,” but I would never have guessed how meaningful it really is, especially when you consider the darkness, confusion, lies and paradoxes our modern society is built on, on so many levels!

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Linger – Brian Wiltse

linger video

This is a great recording and video we did for our buddy Brian who wrote this song while we were back in South Korea approximately 2002. I knew we could improve on the original recording we made back then. So it was fun a challenge to record, produce and film this song for Brian. There’s a famous singer cameo in this song as well too, Kinny, an amazing artist. Check her out on youtube.

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