3 Great Diet Books You Must Read

Poor human health and obesity are devastating our societies in so many ways that it’s critical to get this information out immediately.  The crazy thing about this all is that simple awareness and knowledge can prevent most of these terrible health tragedies.  This is quite personal for me because I lost both a brother and a sister to the Canadian Medical System.  But that’s another story.  I’m afraid there are just too many corporate stake holders out there that don’t want you to find true health and so the wrong messages are everywhere.  As a Psychology graduate, however, I’m far more concerned about the overall “mind-body” effects that are taking place.  You know our body, mind and soul are the only true temples that are worth caring for and the mind-body connection is much deeper than people realize because by being in sync with these two fundamental elements you are giving yourself the chance to reach your true self and potential.  When you’ve become unhealthy and over-weight, inside your psyche, your ego will be making quick lies here and there, a game of “sleight of hand”.  You will be deceiving yourself on various levels to compensate for the unhealthy state of affairs.  These lies will come out in negative ways in your life and in your family I believe.


So my point here is try to pick up on the wisdom of these three excellent health books and see if that can’t help transform your life. It worked for me in about six months.  I’ve always been interested in healthy living, but frustrated many times before. These excellent books, however, helped to create “meaningful change” that’s what the goal is all about.  This is your new age.  This is your future self speaking to you from a voice of wisdom.  Also check out my articles on “How I became healthy” to hear about the exercises that played an equal part in my positive change and growth.

Book#1:  Eat to live by Dr. Fuhrman

You must read this book!

This book was very fascinating to read and Dr. Fuhrman is hilarious to watch him talking about the facts and falsehoods regarding nutrition.  I was blown away on his statistics concerning the unhealthiness of eating too much meat.  Research shows that societies that consume the most meat, any variety, suffer the most deaths due to heart disease and cancer.  Those societies are our own, American, Canadian.  Countries that ate more vegetable based diets were the least likely to suffer from those diseases.  Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  Check out the chart in his book for better details.  This is just what I remember off hand.  Dr. Fuhrman points out that food should be ranked according to the levels of nutrients that they contain.   The huge misconception is based upon the ideas of vitamins.  Vitamins are only a small part of the picture.  Recent studies have shown thousands of phyto-nutrients that are more important for our bodies than the basic vitamins.  These are usually found in fresh vegetables and fruits.  To me it really made sense because for years I’ve always tried to put into words the essence of that “just picked freshness” flavor.  My grandma introduced me to veggies at a young age from her garden.  They were delicious because they were fresh and straight from the garden.  Or fresh picked apples, they must be loaded with “phyto-nutrients” directly from the sun! Another shocking thing I could hardly believe was the fact that vegetables contained proteins.  I couldn’t even fathom that.  But don’t you think that has something to do with mainstream media marketing?  Dr. Fuhrman points out that broccoli has more protein than steak, provided you eat an equal portion based on equal caloric content!  Of course that means eating a lot of broccoli or other veggies, but that’s good and filling and super-healthy!  Kale is another top veggy on the new “Nutrient Based” scale.  Meat products barely rank above rice!  It’s hard to believe, but very profound and the very information that I was seeking for a long time.

Here’s a funny video I made last summer 2014 when I became more aware of “Phyto-nutrients”.

Book#2 Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis

Book2: “Wheat Belly” Lose the Wheat and Lose the Weight.

This excellent book tells the long story of how wheat has been modified to the point that it no longer represents Mother Nature’s beautiful creation and what it has been trans-mutated into is now no better than a toxic poison for our bodies.  And that goes for all the products made from wheat.  So it’s time cut back on your breads and your pastas.  Switch to beans, mother nature’s perfect food.  Remember Dr. Davis’ hilarious slogan: “Lose the wheat and lose the weight!”



Book#3: The 30 Day Heart Tune-Up by Dr. Steven Masley

            Great Reading!

Here’s another great book which will tell you how to instantly reverse your heart condition.  You can see all of these books in a video version on PBS Channel.  Dr. Masley nearly cries when he talks about a family member needlessly dying because of his poor diet decisions and the results of his unnecessary “heart procedures”. I think he accidentally got a dreadful stroke while in a coronary bypass procedure.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these books.  I enjoy Dr. Fuhrman’s the most, followed by Dr. Masley’s and then Dr. Davis’ book.  The important take home message here is you can prevent so many horrible health conditions just by making better food and diet choices.  Healthy foods are delicious.  You just need to know what they are.  I am posting a lot of my favorite healthy foods in this section of my website because it’s critical for mind/body health, which leads to higher awareness and enlightenment I believe.

Just a simple idea of how I make my food these days:

I love Mexican beans.  I’ll post that recipe later or you can search it on the net.  I’ll make a nice salad full of green peppers, onions, lettuce and whatever, and I’ll lay it on a bed of beans, possibly some rice too.  Though not too much rice.  Next I’ll thrown on a few good scoops of home-made salsa, which I just love. It’s basically a healthy Mexican salad.  In fact the beans you can often substitute for the meat products you might have normally eaten.  (Bean Tacos/Burritos). Even if you cut back dramatically on the meat consumption and throw in more beans, you’ll be doing a world of good for yourself.  To me bean sprouts are also like “healthy noodles”.  So frequently I’ll make into a Thai Style of food with delicious, fresh coconut mixed in with curries and possibly some roasted seeds or nuts.  I love this taste direction too.  Use the coconut oil for further flavor enhancement.

Even if you took just half of your regular meal and plopped some beans, salad and salsa on top, that would be a nice improvement and a step in the right direction.  We’ve been so manipulated into thinking we need all those meats for the protein.  Meats are good for flavouring soups or sauces, but you don’t need to eat much of it.  Feast mostly on the veggies and sauce like I do with my curry chicken.

Bon Appétit!bondwelc

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