Avocado Lime Pudding

Well, once again, if you thought that all wonderfully delicious things in our world have to be toxic and addictive, there’s fantastic news! I made another incredible discovery this Winter. As I sat there marveling over the creamy texture of the avocado, it occurred to me that they would probably make the ultimate healthy pudding. They’re so incredibly healthy and creamy and within seconds I found recipes all over the internet for this healthy Lime and Chocolate Avocado Puddings. I must say I am truly stunned by how delicious, nutritious, and simple these puddings turned out to be. I enthusiastically insist that everybody give this try! It doesn’t make sense that “treat cravings” should be a big Minus in a person’s daily diet when wonderful solutions like this exist.

For the Lime Version of this pudding make it as follows:

“Avocado Lime Pudding!” Do it! Share it! Make for someone who has a sweet tooth and needs dietary help. So yummy. Plant the idea of both delicious and healthy options!

So easy. In the food processor throw in:

  • 2 Avocados
  • 2 tbs organic maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 fresh lime juiced with some lime zest added too.
  • I personally like to add some fresh coconut as well. It’s optional.
  • Today I threw in a bit of coconut oil and some walnuts (since I was lacking fresh coconut).

Mmmm good. These avocados make an incredible Chocolate pudding too! Or even healthy chocolate pie with a nut/seed crust! One never need indulge in life-detrimental snacks again!  For the Chocolate Version: Just add cocoa powder and hopefully some raw cacoa nibs in stead of lime. Fresh coconut is always a good combo with this. Enjoy and share it around. Let’s make this world healthy again!!

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