Canada Homestay 캐나다 홈스테이

jamesiconHow would you like to learn English at the speed of light?
That’s exactly what happens when students come out here.  We hang out full time, have fun and the learning never stops.  It’s like a direct download of language and culture.  If you’re looking for a great place, Vancouver is the place to go!

Vancouver is one of the most amazing cities you can visit, especially in the Summer and early Fall.  It’s one of the most diverse cities you can find with more amazing parks than you can imagine.  It would probably take you 10 years just to see everything.  Then they are the communities such as Korea-town, China-town and millions of great restaurants to choose from.  Vancouver is truly a city you have to see to believe.

You can go hiking, fishing, camping, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, jetskiing, etc.  It’s paradise.  Just perfect for taking your team of students along with the  ESL instructors for a hike in the wilderness, camping in the Rockies or an exciting fishing trip in the mountains.  Or how about campfire musical sing-a-longs?  Learning English never seemed so naturally fun!

With Bondaygee’s Free ESL System, we’re always using the power of music to help us teach. And the great thing is, the students never realize they’re in a classroom environment because they’re always having fun.  That’s the pioneering secret of the “Bondaygee” Teaching Method.

We’ve been doing wonderful home-stays here in Canada since 2003.  We guarantee it will be the highlight of you or your child’s life!


If you have any questions or wish to make a home-stay reservation with us for the Summer or Winter Camps in Canada, please contact us by phone or by our 연락 form. See you then!! 


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