Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Here’s an upgraded version of Steve Butler’s heart-warming hit song and classic, “Old Mr. Jones”, which he wrote while we were back in Korea and playing in the bands, “Faded” and “Kunyang”.

Here’s the singer Stephen Butler’s Contact info on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/stephen.butler.754703?fref=ts

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All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K

All Along The Long-board

All along the long board is a comical script by my co-producer Curtis Good.  We work on a lot of projects together.

We modified it a lot together to try and include some spiritual elements, (one of my main life objectives) that would cause the viewer to question the mundane reality we live imposed on humanity. I have a special “soul story” Continue reading “All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K”

My 4K Film Demos

Here’s a few of the 4K Film demos I did with my new Panasonic camera.  These are just quick improvised test projects.

Funny improvised 4K Film Demos from around town:

A) “On the trail” – 50’s Black and white suspense classic in Canadian Wilderness.  I really learned the power of music to draw people into stories on this one.  I started creating a little classical soundtrack   music for that one.

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The Bondaygee Arts Studio

CGI and Film Mixed

Welcome to The Bondaygee Arts Studio!

What the heck is ‘Bondaygee’ you say?  Read description or watch video here.

Well it’s a Korean word that basically means “cocoon”.  While living in Korea for about 12 years, I made a little “Bondaygee” Song and later a bondaygee movie.  Naturally I became known as “James Bondaygee”.  I enjoyed the concept very much because ‘Bondaygee” strongly represents the entire “Creative Process”, transformation and rebirth.  It’s a good meditation in itself.

Anyways I love to work in Film and photography.  I have a wonderful 4K camera.  Also I do music recording, video, animation, graphics, 3D logos, 3d animation and website creation.

If you need help with any of those things don’t hesitate to contact me here.   I can probably save you a lot of money! 🙂 I’m located here in beautiful Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

The Bondaygee Arts Studio in Kelowna BC Filming in 4K. Come and visit for a free estimate.

The Ocean of Love: A Soul Story & Vision


A Simple healing, love story that puts things into perspective, a soul story all based up on the human eye!

At the moment of creation, I also realized that it was aimed at the whole of humanity, especially those suffering the most.  This story is very similar to what Eckart Tolle says in the “Power of Now” about transcending the Egoic mind and transitioning to a reference point and reverence of the Eternal Now.  In Yoga Wisdom, this is called “Soul Vision”, “Zen” No-Mindness of Buddhism, or the “Christ-Consciousness” of Christianity.  And in short there’s no greater vision and realization than this.  Everything else is miniscule and trivial compared to it.

The importance of this transition is you are no longer caught-up, and entangled by the egoic mind, its limitations and limited scope, but have realized a Oneness with the Universal Inner Divinity.  This is a real evolution-of-consciousness-process, which exists throughout the Universe and not just on planet Earth.  By shedding the egoic mind, you become enraptured in the awesome gift and potential of the inner light which unites everyone and everything in the universe.  But if you don’t have this as a regular point of reference, then it is very easy for the mind to be swayed, which is why I’d recommend something like meditation 3 times a day and incorporating this subject (soul awareness) into your daily purpose as it is an inspirational way to live.  The Pure Life, the real thing, inner and outer truth in harmony especially as it unites and raises your vibration, is the breath of the divine holding up humanity and lifting the veil from everyone’s eyes to complete this age old cycle and finally liberate planet from this 3 dimensional egoic mind struggle.  Read on to hear this allegorical depiction of the human situation with these interesting parallels to the human eye!  And will humanity make this giant leap in our lifetime with technology so rapidly spreading information about the hidden truth and potential of our existence? I for one will say I witness a “Great Awakening” occurring especially in the last 7 years.  It’s important to note that humanity and this planet have been controlled by toxic forces for a long time.  What would it be like if that dark cloud was finally lifted? What’s it’s like living in a toxic, dysfunctional house when the toxic parents finally find a true healing? Oh how the children and pets do rejoice.  Let’s say a prayer and hope for the best with faith in humanity!

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