My 4K Film Demos

Here’s a few of the 4K Film demos I did with my new Panasonic camera.  These are just quick improvised test projects.

Funny improvised 4K Film Demos from around town:

A) “On the trail” – 50’s Black and white suspense classic in Canadian Wilderness.  I really learned the power of music to draw people into stories on this one.  I started creating a little classical soundtrack   music for that one.

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The Bondaygee Arts Studio

CGI and Film Mixed

Welcome to The Bondaygee Arts Studio!

What the heck is ‘Bondaygee’ you say?  Read description or watch video here.

Well it’s a Korean word that basically means “cocoon”.  While living in Korea for about 12 years, I made a little “Bondaygee” Song and later a bondaygee movie.  Naturally I became known as “James Bondaygee”.  I enjoyed the concept very much because ‘Bondaygee” strongly represents the entire “Creative Process”, transformation and rebirth.  It’s a good meditation in itself.

Anyways I love to work in Film and photography.  I have a wonderful 4K camera.  Also I do music recording, video, animation, graphics, 3D logos, 3d animation and website creation.

If you need help with any of those things don’t hesitate to contact me here.   I can probably save you a lot of money! 🙂 I’m located here in beautiful Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

The Bondaygee Arts Studio in Kelowna BC Filming in 4K. Come and visit for a free estimate.