Free Audio Books And The Greatest Library On Earth!

Ladies and Gentleman.  Children and ESL Learners of all ages.  I wanted to share with you the world’s greatest, free public library of Audio Books.  This has quickly become one of my greatest treasures in life.

All you need to do is hop into your “Internet-Browser-Space-Ship” and fly over to the website and you may enjoy thousands of free audio books in the public domain.  And I’ll tell you the best books in the world are nearly are all free!

Reading is one of the greatest treasures on Earth and obviously a great method for learning a language, or simply enjoying life and growing.  It is said when you suddenly appreciate a piece of music, you are said to have entered the actual soul of the composer.  And so it is also said, when you concentrate and meditate on the contents of a book, you can also enter the soul of the writer. That is really profound and it means that we can time travel through books.

There’s many things to consider here, however.  In our culture, we have gotten so far away from the spoken word and the wonderfully healthy oral tradition of telling stories.  With all the flashy lights and noises of TV’s and computers, a vast majority of people have completely lost touch with that side of themselves.  It’s no accident that people have found themselves cut off from nature, away from the land living in cities.  When people are “disconnected”, they are easy to control.  However, you can take back control of your lives by simply turning off the TV’s, turning off the video games and at least limiting the smart phone usuage of your children, unless of course those tools are being used in creative, constructive ways.  Notice how the spoken word slowly regains it’s value as a source of soul nourishment.

This brings me to the point of why I love Audio Books.  I love to listen to stories I think because of our ancient oral traditional roots.  There’s something more to it as well.  A book is nothing more than a physical object in a 3D world to a person who first comes upon it.  However, when you read it and appreciate it, you seriously enter the soul and gain the wisdom of the writer.  That doesn’t always happen right away, however.  It can take some time.  On the other hand, if somebody who already appreciates the spirit of the book reads it to you, then suddenly you may quite possible enter directly into the meaning of the story.  It’s the same for music.  As a musician, there’s no real playing of the song until you have felt the true essence and soul of it.  Once you do, you can express it to others.  You can give that soul gift.

With these awesome free “” audio books, there is a actually a “librivox app”, which is connected to that database of thousands of free books.  I high recommend it.  Download it from the play store or Itunes.



What I love to do with the app is to browse the many different “genres” till you find something that interests you at any given moment.  It’s really simple.  Just start listening to a book. If it catches your imagination, carry on with it.  If it doesn’t either try a different narrator or a different story. You can also choose to “download” the audio book so you can take it offline anywhere you go.  Enjoy and feel free to ask questions if you like! Hit contact from my menu if you have any questions.

Here’s just a few of the stories I’ve enjoyed listening to with librivox:

The Time Machine

The Invisible Man

Moby Dick

Hard Times

Take note: There are different versions for each book and sometimes you need to find the one with the best reader.  A good narrator is an important thing! Good luck and enjoy!


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