Healthy Chocolate Ice-Cream

bondwelcHealthy Chocolate ice-cream? Yes you heard me correctly.  What I’ve realized is healthy food can and does taste amazing if you know how to prepare it.  Your taste buds will also really learn to appreciate good food as well!

The “healthy chocolate ice-cream” recipe is one of my favorites.  I thought I invented it myself last year, but realize that many people around the world know this delicious secret already!

This is what you do:


1.  Take bananas, peel them and put them in a freezer bag, seal and put in the freezer.  Riper bananas are more sweet.  That’s a good point.  Green bananas aren’t good for this.

2.  Next day, take out frozen bananas.  Put one banana into your mixer.

3.  Put in two eggs.  (This is optional.  I like the added protein).

4.  Add one big tablespoon of Cocoa powder.  Do you know how healthy cocoa is?

5.  Add a cup of milk.  I prefer raw milk myself.  You can read all about that.  There’s a great episode of “The Nature of Things”, which concludes most likely that Amish people are more healthy because of their consumption of raw milk.  Don’t buy the hype.  When the whole “milk pasteurization” rules came about, small time dairies were shut down, and then the bigger corporate dairies began watering down their milk and making twice the money!

6.  I like to add a piece of coconut myself.  But that’s optional.

7.  Sometimes I will also add any of the following: ginger root, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Anyways, the final step is of course to blend your ingredients all together.  This recipe above is basically perfect for one large glass of “Health Chocolate Ice-cream”.  Feel free to mold into any shape you want of course.  If you like to make it even richer, you could add some pure cream as well.

Lastly, if you want to see how to enjoy fresh coconuts, check out this video where I demonstrate how to crack,

open, remove shell and easily peel.bondwelc

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