How To Escape The Matrix

It’s time to escape the matrix everybody!  There are a great many articles discussing how to escape our mind and culture’s paradigm,  the one we all swim in like fish in a bowl, unaware of the very water we breathe.  I simply want to offer my unique perspective on this world situation and I’m hoping it might in some ways connect with a few people.

The first necessary step of getting out of any kind of mental matrix is to first realize that we are in some kind of matrix and to then untangle yourself on the many different levels that exist.

Part 1: The Trappings of the Rational Mind

I think that a really good starting point for this process is to consider how deeply we’ve all been had by the various billion and trillion dollar corporations that exist around us.  (Corporations can be best described as pyschothpaths).  I think you’ll find that it goes much deeper than you ever imagined.  There’s a wonderful new documentary by the renound independant, Canadian journalist, James Corbett of ( I think James does a wonderful job in exposing the way in which our rational minds have been intellectually duped by the first mega-corporations of the world, also known as the Oiligarchy!  J.D. Rockefellar, of Standard Oil, was the world’s first billionaire and with his tremendous amounts of money he was able invent the PR Industry in order to save his atrocious reputation and the fact that he had a stranglehold over the entire nation.  From the vast wealth of the oil industry, Rockefellar was able take over the PR Industry, then the Education System (and history), the Medical System, (which was largely homeopathic before the “big oil trasformation”), the Banking System, the Food Industry and so on. It’s best that you simply watch this wonderful new documentary to get an appreciation for what I’m talking about.  I personally could feel the influence of the oil-industry-backed “Pharmaceutical Perspective”, while I was majoring in Psychology.  Luckily I had already discovered the foundation of healthy psychology before these influences had any affect on me at all.  I felt really sorry for the professors who were forced to regurgitate the pharmaceutical nonsense.

Part 2: Getting in touch with your inner chi

Achieving and finding your “highest Self” must be the ultimate way of escaping the matrix.  I was lucky one day at university to discover that phenomenon known as “Chi”, with a chance meeting with a counselling psychologist, (who was obviously ‘in the knowing’).  That inner energy is known by many names throughout the world.  In India they say “chakras”. in Korea it’s called “gi”.  In the realm of counselling psychology and literature it’s probably most commonly referred to as soul.  The very fact that this inner energy and inner world even exists to myself, is as signifcant as Einstein’s discovery of atomic energy.  With Chi and this “soul path” we realize that we have that same kind of energy within our own bodies! How indredible is that?  And really it’s just a matter of learning how to concentrate on it and activate it.  It’s definitely a “higher vibration” in my view of things.  Many people also refer to it as the wisdom of the heart, that sacred feminine aspect of ourselves which has been so brutally disregarded and neglected.  There’s a false notion that somehow the rational intellect is superior, but I strongly disagree with that statement. Soul wisdom is the deepest kind of knowing there is in my opinion.

So how to find the soul path and your inner Chi is the real question.  I recommend learning to trust your feelings.  Imagine yourself like an individual who discovered they were a jedi knight like Luke Skywalker and all you needed to do was to find your wise mentor.  It’s true. You either know the soul path or you don’t.  They say Star Wars was largely based upon the psychological concepts pioneered by Carl Gustav Jung.  Carl Jung is one of the few figures in psychology who considered “soul” to be an inseperable part of psychology.  I fully agree and recommend you read his basic book.   Man and His Symbols. You can download it for free.  I also recommend trying to have an open mind, because a closed mind is one of the greatest obstacles I believe to further growth.  The path of Soul and that of a Jedi is also highly similar to the philosophical teaching of Yoga.  I strongly recommend that approach as well. (Check out this recent article: “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”). So to summarize, by taking up Yoga with an earnest attitude, you can do much to find this path.  Or secondly, finding yourself a good wise counsellor is another great way to open up this beautiful, elevating dimension.  The important thing is learning to trust your feelings over your intellect, your heart over the rational mind.  Like they say in Star Wars, “reach out and learn to trust your feelings…”  And so it is with finding a good counsellor, therapist or Yoga teacher.  If you feel good in the presence of that person, take it as a good sign.  It’s almost like choosing a healthy partner or spouse.  If it feels right, it probably is right.  You should be able to see growth in yourself.  If you do counselling, always speak the truth.  Honestly tell where and what happened to your soul.  That’s the only story that really matters in life.  Where your deepest essence of being has been hurt and repressed, start to speak, dust it off, you will be greatly rewarded by your counsellor and by the “benevolent universal soul of light”, by making these attempts.  Don’t be surprised if you are stunned by an icredible dream, where like Luke Skywalker, you too have started off on the “hero’s journey” towards your highest and true destiny.  All of the various art therapies can be beneficial because they all tap into this deep and wonderful soul energy.  When people meditate, they learn to shut off their “small minds” and try to embrace the higher mind of the universe.  Eventually you learn to feel that inner chi energy upon will.  Consider that a good sign, a physical guide as you step forward into the light of higher consciousness and being.

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