Back Salvation: How to save your back!

Dear friends,

I really want to get this message to you ASAP.  It’s really of critical life importance.  Of course it’s common sense to many people already.  But still a lot of folks simply don’t know the dangers of prolonged inactivity and this especially applies to people who have to sit at a computer desk for long periods of time.  I can actually recall the point in my life, in which desk activity started to cause a dreadful decline in my health.


It was about 2008 when I seriously got into the video arts.  I had been enjoying it for sometime already, however, as I got into more advanced programs, I had to spend a lot of time learning and working on very complicated things.  I found myself on a few occasions stretched out at my desk with legs twisted on my bed and cat sitting on my lap for long durations.  Don’t blame the cat, but the excessive coffee might have also been a factor.  Anyways, as I returned to Canada I suddenly got diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm.  Few years later, I got a dreadfully debilitating pinched nerve, which was so miserable I could barely stand it.  Luckily healing came in a dream some weeks later and remarkably I started improve after that.  Now I’m 99% healed from all ailments.  But I need to get this serious warning out to everybody.  Middle age will get you if you don’t have a good attitude towards your health.

To be more specific about bad posture, I think I’ve had a tendency to stretch back and rest on my tailbone when I reached the point where I didn’t enjoy sitting at my chair any longer. How about yourselves?  Does this happen to you too? After a few days of heavy computer work, it was no surprise to discover my lower back “locked up again.” I became acutely aware of this as I was doing a power yoga session today.  I’m writing this story now, in fact, because of this “reminding experience”.  Thank God my lower back was released after 30 minutes of Yoga, which brings up the awesome point of this entire article:

Not only do I recommend that you stand-up while you’re using the computer (check out the video below), but please try and get into Yoga, as it’s one of the most beautiful, restorative body health systems ever created!  I myself became a “Yoga-Nut” in this last year in particular and I strongly encourage it for everybody.  It doesn’t just heal your body, it gives you body wisdom and awareness just to name a few great points.

In my observations, not only did leaning back on my tailbone cause issues, but also sitting up straight and pressing down for too long on the upper thighs and lower buttocks seemed detrimental.  As I stood up I could feel pain in that area. Just standing up and dancing around has brought a great joy to these parts of my body. This is my “toosh talking”. Hahah.  Releasing your body joints and muscles is like euphoria in your limbs.

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