James Purdie Introduction

1989: Attended Thompson Rivers University and made majored break-through in personal understanding of Psychology in terms of the “subtle-energy field”. See Trans-personal Psychology, Yoga Philosophy and Soul Awareness.

1993: Attended University of Lethbridge. 

1994: Took time off school to study French culture in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and Montreal.

1996: Returned to BC and University of British Columbia to finish Psychology Major.

1997: Graduated from UBC.   Studied Spanish and traveled with music through Mexico.  Later, moved to Asia to teach ESL and learn about foreign culture/languages.

2000: While teaching ESL in Korea,  made The “Bondaygee” song (번데기 송), which means “Cocoon” in Korean.  Henceforth was known as “James Bondaygee”

2002: Created English School in Cheongju, South Korea and started making original curriculum while carefully studying how students learn.

2003: Began using video as a teaching tool and making musical lessons.  James turns the most important study-word-lists into musical songs and then videos.  The Very Good Words System is born!  Students thrive and beg for more.  James completes 8 Very Good Word Songs and videos without rest!

2005: James moves to Seoul and starts teaching in public schools.  For first time, James introduces himself as “Mr. Bondaygee”.  Students are inspired.  They learn “Mr. Bondaygee’s Very Good Word” Songs at incredible speed.  They thrive. It’s awesome. Check out that story here!

2009 James returns to Canada, ending the ten plus years of teaching in Korea.  James, pursuing his passion for the healing arts opens the Bondaygee Creative Arts and Therapy Centre in Kelowna, BC.

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