All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K

All Along The Long-board

All along the long board is a comical script by my co-producer Curtis Good.  We work on a lot of projects together.

We modified it a lot together to try and include some spiritual elements, (one of my main life objectives) that would cause the viewer to question the mundane reality we live imposed on humanity. I have a special “soul story” called The Ocean of Love which we tried to merge into the script.  This is where the “magical elements” of the story get turned and what Raymond is trying to cautiously reveal. It actually took a day of debating to decide what to and what not to include.  So does it work? You can decide.

If this were to be a continuing series, our tentative title was “K-Town”, where mysterious things happen.

Episode 1: Anthony Meets Raymond.
Script Synopsis: Title: “All Along the Long board”
Anthony, an up and coming documentarist is overjoyed to get a film gig with the hottest new girl band “The Sweet Cats,” however, his rival Dave somehow steals the gig and by chance,

FATE TURNS: Anthony’s re-assignment: Raymond, A GUY who is determined to bring Long boarding to the Olympics. Has Anthony, by chance, landed the better gig? Will Raymond convince Anthony about bringing Long boarding to the Olympics? What will they learn along the way?

Special Acknowledgment to Steve Scott of who also offered some creative support.

Check out this comedy video and share your thoughts.  We’re also looking for actors and actresses to be in future episodes.  Things will get interesting fast.

Our Second Episode was tentatively based up on the these two characters having forged a a special friendship getting together and then finding a bottle washed up on the beach.  Inside the bottle was a copy of the “Ocean of Love” story.  Is it evidence of the existance of this mythical island and was Raymond really telling the truth?


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