Kinect Cam as a Webcam in Windows 10

Hey friends! I just wanted to share with you a practical tutorial on how to use your old Kinect 360 Cam as a webcam in Windows 10 for Skype and other Video Conferencing programs.  This is actually an older method, but I was shocked to learn it actually worked on Windows 10!  I was previously using a method on Windows 7 by Piotr Sowa right here (, but it stopped working for me with Windows 10.  After much frustration I discovered a method that actually worked with Windows 10 and so I’m sharing and hosting the files with you that I know work on my website before they disappear off the internet.  The other reason I want to share this with you is because we have a huge problem in this world that is called “Planned Obsolescence” (See video and that is Corporations build things to break and to be replaced within a short time frame to boost profits.  And what happens to all that plastic? Well currently they are dumping it in 3rd world countries at alarming rates.  These kind of practices have to stop for all products and we should get updated drivers for everything ever made from Printers to Webcams if we wish to save the Oceans and this planet!

It’s true the problems have a lot to do with the way we see the world.  It’s important for everyone to discover what “Soul Vision” means I believe and that’s why I invite everybody to open up and share their own stories as this is one of the methods towards getting everybody connected.  I have boldly and bravely laid out my own personal stories on this voyage for all to see right here. Why not take a peak at how this process evolved in me.  Here’s a link to my stories:

“James’ Soul Stories”


And here’s the links required for using the Kinect 360 Camera as web cam in Windows 10:

Note right click the links and choose “Save Target As” to somewhere on your computer.


2. KinectSDK v1.0 Beta2 64 bit

3. Note:  Only If you have the problem with the “failed to register” and “missing Dll file dependencies” error message, then download these two files and place them in the same location. (C:)  Then try the same command: regsvr32 (in the Admin Command Prompt).



Note: This method is for Windows 10 64 bit.  If you are running a 32 bit version (denoted with x86) of windows I recommend the other version of the SDK file found here:

Note: If everything works, be sure to give a Facebook and Youtube Thumbs Up!! Thanks!

15 Replies to “Kinect Cam as a Webcam in Windows 10”

    1. It’s pretty hard to understand without actually being there or seeing myself. I recommend having any friend with more computer experience come in and try the procedure. I’m not sure what you mean connecting and disconnecting. You mean camera is connecting and disconnecting. That’s probably a faulty cable if that is what you are referring to.

    1. So sorry to hear that. I don’t doubt they may have come up with some way to block it from working. Can always try uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. I just rooted my Samsung S7 and all sorts of issues from Google and whoever trying to block or discourage the rooting….taking power of your phone….opting out of brainwashing package.

  1. Hi. James

    I tried your method .
    Step 1: get and 2 dll files and put it in the c:\
    Step 2: Donwload the Beta2 file from Microsoft (64 bits for my system.)
    Step 3: CMD-> regsvr32 execute as administrator.

    Windows tell me install successful. but when I open some cam apps. I can’t see anything.

    Do you install any c## or other ?

    1. My friend, I have done nothing other than what was described. Making sure there are no other SDK versions installing rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling…are the only things I can think of. But it didn’t seem to work on many other apps, other than Skype. It worked awesome on Win 7 64bit. I’m hoping someone comes up with a better solution soon! Will keep you informed! Good luck! 🙂

    1. I’m not surprised with all of these Windows 10 Stealth Updates. They probably want cameras that are better for spying on the citizens!

  2. I got a failed to load prompt. It states ” make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or check for propblems or dependant DLL files. the specified module cannot be found. ” I did the second set of instructions but no progress, same thing.

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