Linger – Brian Wiltse

This is a great recording and video we did for our buddy Brian who wrote this song while we were back in South Korea approximately 2002. I knew we could improve on the original recording we made back then. So it was fun a challenge to record, produce and film this song for Brian. There’s a famous singer cameo in this song as well too, Kinny, an amazing artist. Check her out on youtube.

It’s finally starting to show
Wish we would let go
Wish we wouldn’t hold on
You know we should be strong

We should wake up girl
Wish we’d never break up
Just close our eyes
And not see the lies

But I’ve seen it once
Seen it twice
I’ve seen all of my life

With your smiling care
With your angel’s hair
And your sweet perfume

Now we’re standing face to face
And nothing could replace
The way you touched my soul
But I got to let go.
Is there something else I could choose?

How How?
How How?
How she lingers in my room.

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