Living in Korea

A lot of people have asked me what it’s like living in Korea?

Well it’s very interesting and fun once you get used to it.  I pulled out this video and decided to share so that people can see what an average day looks like in Seoul, South Korea.


The neighborhood I was living in is called Ahyun-dong.  This is a great location to live actually.  It’s right next to Shinchon which is a really fun area to hang out in.  There are hundreds of coffee shops and small restaurants that you can enjoy.  Hongdae is another fun neighborhood, which is just a few more stops down the subway line.  You can actually walk from Ahyun-dong all the way to Shinchon and then on to Hongdae.  This was also a very central location.  So it was easy to get from places of interest in the Seoul area.

The Ahyung-dong neighborhood provided me with a nice 2 minutes of exercise walking up a down the hill every day.  I also enjoyed several small parks located nearby.  I also found a nice mountain hike park and path a short distance away.  Check it out on google maps.

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