Middle Age Health Tips


Greetings dear friends and newcomers.  I wanted to share with you what I consider to be some of the best health tips I’ve discovered over the last few years that really helped me to transform my life.  Honestly this is universal, holistic health advice applicable to all people, but there’s a real urgency to get this information to the middle-aged group whose bodies might be on the verge of breakdown and disease.  So it’s important to impliment this stuff as soon as possible.

I’m going outline some good information on fitness and exercise, quick weightloss information and then a bit about my newly aquired love for Yoga.  Yoga is like the piano player or guitarist putting that awesome level of passion into his instrument, however, with Yoga, you are focusing that kind of energy into yourself and our bodies are the beautiful, divine instrument, the temple.  You should think of your body that way.

Next I’m going to give some great information on nutrition because of the mind/body connection, but actually it’s really a three part system when you consider the soul as well.

For the last piece of information, I will try to share a bit about the elusive “soul path”, which many people are in denial about, or simply have been thrown off it by whatever peer group they find themselves associated with.  This could be a field of Science collegues or a group of golfing buddies.  Who knows?  The fact remains, however, that “holistic” health practices used to be the cornerstone of all good and wholesome medical treatments around the globe, until, the world’s first billionaire, JD Rockefellar, successfully bribed America’s universities to support the “Pharmaceutial Perspective,” an offshoot of the oil industry.

While I attended university myself, I could personaly feel the unhealthy balance of “mainstream psychology” trying to pull me into their pharmaceuitical perspective.  Fortunately, I had already discovered “soul” or “chi” as others might call it and I knew that that should always be the basis of any healthy life.  I consider it the most important discovery on the Earth to be honest,  like the way Einstein learned the secrets of unlocking atomic energy in the physical world, “Chi” is the unlocking of an amazing, spiritual energy, in our inner world!  So check out my video speech below and if you want to see how the world become so deeply corrupted, check out that oil documentary as well.  You won’t believe it!

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