Music Therapy

Discovering Music Therapy

For some time coming back to Canada was a challenge because I wasn’t sure where to focus my efforts.  I have always had a huge passion for Psychology and I’ve had a great deal to share on the subject for many years now.

I greatly enjoy helping people through counseling & art therapies, but I’ve recently started to experiment with music therapy and I’m happy to say I’ve discovered some wonderful things about it.

With my work in Autism, I was helping one fellow who I could feel was a musical genius inside, given his incredible appreciation and knowledge of “choice songs.”  Meeting his mother instantly confirmed that for me.  I could just personally sense that she was highly creative and shortly afterwards I discovered she was an excellent piano player and artist.  My task in working with her son was to try to communicate with him on a deeper level and a pure language like music might just do the trick.

Honestly I didn’t have to think or meditate for very long on the subject because a song just “wrote itself” into being while I was driving from Vancouver to Kelowna.  I merely had to press record on my smartphone and take it down.  My conclusions on this song and subject have been for sometime, that when you have set your focus and mind upon a truly noble and pure task, that the mysterious, creative energies of the universe will manifest themselves towards this purpose and help give birth to a living spirit in your art for you.  All good art has another “timeless” dimension to it.  That’s what makes it good art.   One of the wonders and benefits of art and this music therapy is it that the spiritual energy it draws upon creates a kind of golden paint or bond which can be used to re-map a person’s brain, mind, heart and soul.  It can bridge gaps, huge mental chasms.  In the expression of fantasy stories or dreams, it can serve like a good, magic figure that helps someone in their time of need.  And the timeless art piece itself will remain an eternal “good meditation” full of reliable, numinous energy.

The first song was based upon happy phrases that this fellow often liked to repeat.  We aptly titled it:

Staying in a Good Mood Bud

The second creation I’ve done was a fascinating experiment in co-creating with the person I was helping.  This fellow has a very outstanding imagination and is constantly creating himself independently.  When the idea was suggested of making a song for him.  He too became  wrapped up in the joy and magic of creative inspiration as we agreed upon a subject, content and melody.  It was blast.  I knew as we were doing that this act was joyfully unforgettable and something I could see myself doing for a long time.  Again it felt like mysterious energies gathered to make it turn out well. (Note the name is changed to protect privacy).

The Legend of Kayden Cassidy

One of the most interesting things about doing this creativity for the people we are helping is the reaction of co-workers.  Many people don’t realize that creativity and art is like a kind of real miracle or magic that can positively influence people here on planet Earth.  That’s why I believe in it and you should too!


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