Nature’s Perfect Food: Beans!!

Hello once again.  I’ve got a funny story for you.  But first let me ask?

How do we overcome those horrible fast food urges, which are plaguing our every waking moment on TV, on internet, on our devices, in our mailboxes, at our schools, etc?  The influences are virtually everywhere imaginable, right?  So how do we do it?

Well it certainly helps if you have some delicious back up food plan.  I have a great one, which I want to share with you: Mexican Beans.

I should state that I spent a fair bit of time in Mexico studying their culture and the Spanish language.  I worked in a great Mexican restaurant in my early years as well.  My best friend’s mother was also Mexican.  So I really absorbed a lot.  I loved their food style, especially the authentic stuff.

So getting to the story again.  As I was becoming healthy this year physically and nutritionally, I discovered the art of making Mexican styled beans.  But this was not before I had this comical, foretelling dream of my change in lifestyle.  In this dream I was eating at some restaurant.  But as I got up to leave at the checkout, I asked the very-large-restaurant-owner if he wouldn’t mind keeping my home-made burritos in his fridge until the next time I visited.  His mouth gaped open and his eyes bugged out.  He reminded me of a funny muppet-character.  But I think the point is clear, you can definitely overcome those “fast food”, unhealthy food choices if you have a delicious package of burritos prepared in advance.  I couldn’t imagine eating them without my divine salsa recipe, however.  Please check it out as well.  You won’t be sorry.  And here’s how to make those wonderful beans.

Of all the bean varieties out there, I find Pinto Beans and Black Beans the tastiest for making the Mexican Style.  Here’s how I do it.

Mexican Beans Recipe:
Soak a cup or two of beans in a pot with cold water two inches above your “bean level”.  Leave overnight.
Next, drain and fill with water again two inches above the beans.  Heat to boil.
While the beans are heating, prepare about half an onion, three or four garlic cloves and throw them in.
Add a couple tablespoons of chili powder, or if you don’t have chili powder you can make it.
It mostly contains paprika, a sprinkle of oregano, cumin and pepper.  I will usually spice it up with cayenne and some red pepper flakes as well.
Once your beans are boiling, cover with lid and reduce to medium heat.  Careful not to burn as water evaporates.  Reduce again to minimum as a 40 minute timer runs out.
Near the end, season with your desired amount of salt and pepper and if it doesn’t taste “Mexican” enough for you, add more cumin or chili powder.
That’s about it.  Just experiment a little bit at the end till you get it tasting right.  I usually add a squeeze of lemon or lime too.  Celery, a bit of tomato and green peppers also go well.  You can actually make it taste nearly identical to beef chili without the beef at all!  Enjoy!  Take those beans and make your burritos or taco salads.
Flour tortillas are easy to make, but I try to avoid gluten this days after reading “The Wheat Belly” book.  I plan to get a corn tortilla press, but until I do I have been mixing the corn masa flour with white flour.  Then add a teaspoon of baking powder, a sprinkle of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil.  Mix well and roll out your simple, but tasty tortillas!  Cook them lightly on the frying pan without oil until they start to bubble.  Don’t over cook them.  Just cook them lightly because they are nice to fry again with your beans and salsa inside later!


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