Nutritious Spinach Popeye’s Secret

By now the entire world is starting to wake up to the importance of healthy eating and specifically the fact that we don’t need to get 99% of all the diseases that plague our society.  The cure has always been to eat healthy, fresh natural foods loaded with nutrients and thousands of newly discovered phytonutrients which are said to be the “real weapons” against disease.

It’s been strongly recommended by nutritional doctors that people dramatically reduce their consumption of all kinds of meat, (especially processed meats) that have been strongly correlated with a great variety of diseases and start to return to fresh, natural whole foods, especially vegetables, followed by fruits, nut/seeds and beans or legumes.

Finding delicious ways to achieve these goals, however, are the biggest challenge, but as you cut out the garbage-foods and discover your true hunger, you can also begin once more to rediscover the healthy foods that have always been here!  Get away from those taste hijacking chemicals that mess with one’s perceptions, causing unhealthy addictions, and reconnect with mother nature’s gifts.  By doing so, with true hunger, your appreciation and skill for mixing them together will improve dramatically, and you know you’ll be doing a solid for your whole body and mind of course!

Now before I get into the spinach, I just wanted to strongly recommend you learn how to cook beans and salsa to prepare delicious Mexican styled dinners if you need help staying on a nutritional path.  That’s been one of my personal favorites and I have the recipes listed on this website.  Now for Spinach!

It’s been strongly suggested and recommended by Nutritionists, most notably Dr. Fuhrman, that people should try to make the Salad the main meal of the day.  That’s a great idea if you have the time and all things prepared.  But if you want to make a quick meal of a giant pot of spinach that would normally take about an hour to eat leaf by leaf, you can simply throw it in a pot with a few cups of water and boil/steam cook it in five minutes.  The miracle of this is it shrinks down in size to about 5 good bites and you can bet they will be among the most nutritious bites of your day!  Why is that?  Well Dr. Fuhrman created a new food ranking system called the ANDI Scale which organizes foods in a heirarchy based up on their level of Nutrition/Calorie with a perfect score being a 1000.  Suprisingly foods like Kale score a perfect 1000.  Spinach scores 700, but take a look at the list and you might not be surprised any more why your health is so poor.  Most of the standard american diet is based up foods with little to no nutrition at all.


Suprisingly foods like chicken breast only score 24 for nutrition and bread only 17! This is why America is in the middle of a health epidemic!

Check out my video at the top to see me preparing the spinach.

Spinach Cooking

As mentioned earlier, I like to:

  1. Boil a pot of spinach with 2 or 3 cups of water for about five minutes.
  2. Next drain and press all the water out of it.
  3. Next add a tiny bit of butter and salt n pepper to taste.

I actually love it! It really is a comfort food that I learned to love as a teengager long ago.  I’ll thank my Dad for that.

But wait, don’t stop there.  Take that left over water after eating the spinach and drink it like a tea.  I find it tastes and feels nearly identical to green tea or seaweed soup.  The important thing to remember is 30% of the vegetables’ nutrition comes out into the water when it is boiled, which is the healthiest way of preparing food incidentally.

Enjoy and thanks for checking out this article.  Share with friends who need nutritional help.  Together we can change the world!

Note: If you suffer from kidney stones, too much spinach is not recommended. Naturally a diverse diet is always the best choice!

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