One Healthy Snack At A Time

How do we achieve good health?

Answer: Easy! With one healthy snack or food at a time.

“People are out of touch with good, healthy snacking ideas in our culture!” I say!

Our senses have been hijacked by chemically engineered food additives and evil “flavor enhancers”.  And then slick marketing campaigns on TV, Smartphones, Videogames, Sporting Events and even parked right in front of our public schools you’ll see big, giant Cola Trucks imprinting and branding their logos into the minds of our innocent and naive kids!

In one of my first trips back to Canada, I sat on the beautiful beach of Kelowna, BC in the summer.  It was a gorgeous day when all of  a sudden a kind looking fellow in a business suit approached with a beach ball to light up the imagination of my 2 year old son.  Naturally it caught my son’s attention, though I had my doubts for a good reason, for seconds later, the sneaky banker, spun around the ball to reveal a private banking logo.  I nearly punched this fellow.  But this just illustrates how slick the marketing campaigns are and how low they will go.  Disney was known to have delivered mickey mouse dolls right into the delivery rooms of hospitals!  Some people upon hearing this information as adults looked in amazment at the “mickey mouse” tattoes they chose to put on their bodies!  You get the point?

To get back to our topic.  One only needs to re-condition themselves to healthy foods and snacks to get back on the right track!

If you’re really struggling with your weight, then don’t ever eat ice-cream again!  Instead eat frozen banana, coconunt, cocoa powder, milk and egg smoothies! I love em! It tastes identical to ice-cream, but a 100% healthy! THAT’S A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG DIFFERENCE! Here’s the recipe.

Slowly, one-healthy-snack-at-a-time, you can transform your body with each new, good eating habit you learn.

Today I want to share with you Sweet Potatoes.  These are the kind we eat in Korea as a delicious snack.  To me they taste much better than any other sweet potatoes I’ve eaten and far better than yams.  Just throw them in the oven at 400 degrees and wait an hour. You’ll be suprised how delicious they are.  I gave some to my “know it all”, overweight Father who resembles Robert Dinero.  He is very a “difficult sell”, but he tried them and loved them. I wish I could have shared them 20 years ago when he was struggling with his weight problem and then the diabetes!  Study the picture well and try to find them.  These sweet potatoes are so wonderful in the winter time to snack on.  Enjoy!


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