Parents Save Your Children!

An Urgent Message for all parents!
This from my ongoing experiments in child-rearing with some positive results to be noted and shared. I’d become concerned about the development of my boys on some levels and I judge things based on feelings. Usually I can feel if something is working or not and you can see into the eyes of your kids too.

The attentiveness, conscientiousness, presence, happiness, etc. Well, the routines of video games, pc games, smartphone games, endless TV needed to be restricted. Cable is gone. Seriously….people ought to be paid for sitting there and absorbing hours of those commercials. That’s the truth. Next with all the electronic games gone, an interesting thing happened. The boys seem to suddenly revert to healthy young kids again and a definite improvement in ‘healthy energy’ is observed. Not the look of zombification from hours spent in some mind-zapping video game. The boys took up old traditional 1 on 1 games with a passion. They go outside much more of the time. They are constantly imagining and making up games. And lastly, the spoken word seems to be valued once more. Ears perk up, there’s an interest in hearing stories. That timeless old tradition! No doubt the gadgets are amazing tools if used constructively. I love audio books myself. But time limits definitely need to be in place in my view of things. I let me boys do an hour or so and their could be exceptions for communicating friends perhaps. But I almost believe there be a sneaky corporate strategy going on in getting kids alone in their rooms isolated, detached and dehumanized. Psychologically speaking, when people are alone, they are far easier to “influence” and manipulate. Be aware! Nothing will ever surpass real connections with nature and other people! Especially those “spiritual connections” if you’re lucky enough to find them!
The negative effects of electronic addictions to name a few:
1. detachment
2. poor health
3. obesity
4. terrible posture
5. unhealthy growth
6. horrible habits
7. unhealthy social development
8. “out of touch” with nature
9. Lack of interest in anything but pc/video/smartphone games
10. Stunted imagination.
11. Stunted “soul growth”
12. Lack of confidence
13. Unhealthy self-image
14. Negative ideas by malicious content creators.
15. Uncontrollable “conditioned responses” to smartphones.
That’s just to name a few.  Please control these devices or get rid of them!


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