Story Improv

How to Play Story Improv:

Story Improv can be a lot of fun again for more advanced students.  The first student starts out with a random sentence or word of choice.  For example: “One day I went fishing…” next student adds a new sentence or word, or however, you decide.  This game is great to exercise new vocabulary and the creative spirit/imagination at the same time, which is an extremely important part of human growth which is largely misunderstand.  So I strongly recommend this game and all others that tap into this part of ourselves.

On a side note: I actually starting making songs with clients recently and also find that to be another similar, powerful experience.  If you are good with music then I highly recommend that activity too.

“I’m going camping…”:

For this similar game you use the memory, remember it now?  “I’m going camping and I’ll need ________”.  Students have to recite all that has been said before and then add one new item.

Not only is this a great ESL Memory game, it can be a great chance to improve a students’ acting abilities if you want to stand up and act it out.  Acting really is a great talent!


Good luck with the games and thanks for reading!



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