All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K

All Along The Long-board

All along the long board is a comical script by my co-producer Curtis Good.  We work on a lot of projects together.

We modified it a lot together to try and include some spiritual elements, (one of my main life objectives) that would cause the viewer to question the mundane reality we live imposed on humanity. I have a special “soul story” Continue reading “All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K”

Welcome True Friends!

Greetings and Welcome! 

You really are on the right path!

(안녕! 그냥 영어공부 하고싶은 사람 여기 크리그 하세요!)

Thanks for dropping by.  I’m curious how you found this site.  Your story and your journey.  Don’t be shy.  Why not leave a message at the contact page? Thanks for coming anyways.  Now let me tell you the story of

Note: If you just want to study ESL, click here or “The Bondaygee System” from the menu.

The Story

Originally, nearly ten years ago while I was in Korea, I met a Buddhist monk named Park Ji-young.  We discovered together that we had an instant connection.  We were both artistic, creative and spiritual types of people.


We had a lot of interesting things to share with one another,  but Ji-young was most surprised when I showed her my Ocean of Love of story.  It was pretty special to me too. Suddenly Ji-young felt inspired to make a website to share the story and my many other creative, ESL songs and videos.  She really surprised me with her simple, beautiful graphics.  You can see her work in the website title above.  She identified herself with the moon and me with the sun. Thank you Ji-young wherever you are!

Unfortunately for me, she went to live in a temple and I moved back to Canada.  I didn’t know anything about websites, so I had lost my homepage for a few years. 

Sometime later,  back in Canada, I began studying website creation and was inspired to make a new website.  For a couple of years, I thought the website should only focus on ESL Studying, unlike the original,  which featured my stories.  Over time I realized without my stories, was lacking soul, it’s original vision and inspiration.   You see the Ocean Story is all about vision and how we perceive the world while “bondaygee” according to it’s Korean meaning symbolizes creativity,  transformation and rebirth. “Bondaygee” – 번데기 means cocoon.

Interestingly, since redefining and restoring back to it’s original scope and meaning, I seem to have millions of stories to write and I can’t stop,  nor do I want to. I feel in love again!  I’m very open and honest. I also became really healthy this last year through yoga and nutrition.  I’m sharing those stories too.  Don’t forget “Bondaygee is in your heart!” 

That was another poster Ji-young made for me from the comical “bondaygee song” music video and movie.

This is my Youtube Channel here to if you’re interested. Mind you, I accidentally deleted all my videos 3 years ago and had to re-upload everything.

Lastly, this story wouldn’t be complete unless I mentioned the contributions of a Hungarian Artist named Gergley Kovaks.  He made the beautiful icons and this cool poster picture below. 

Note, just because I love Pop Music, Beatles, etc, doesn’t mean I’m not an astute, philosophical person, because I am.  My art friends just happened to think my Bondaygee Music Videos were funny!


Here’s another piece of Park Ji-young’s artwork.  It’s just her “doodling”:

Soul Stories & Awakenings

Self-Transformation & Rebirth


Here’s where I share my most important, life-changing stories. This is how I had a ‘spiritual awakening’.  I’ve learned that it is critically important to be completely honest and truthful when speaking about your inner stories because this world is full of deception and it’s far too easy to fall onto the “wrong path” or get confused.  Another reason is because this whole subject matter is about Truth. I’ve also found that  you need to open up in a “safe environment.” I guess that means a place where you are unconditionally accepted for who you truly are inside.  I also believe the “Clear” vision of the Wise mentor also has an influence in blocking the ego’s perpetual habit of “pulling the wool over one’s eyes!” So there’s a kind of leverage that one can borrow with the right, authentic connection and even a bit of “soul magic” can come out too!  I promise you there are deep and beautiful mysteries inside.

So what follows here is a brief and honest account of what happened to me growing up and how it caused me to evolve in a positive way eventually.  And you know, talking is so important with these things, especially with someone you trust and who possesses inner wisdom/awareness.  The inner-knowledge keeps building upon itself you’ll see.  I didn’t even talk about these things (my personal story, tragedies, etc) for about 5 years.  And then full expression occurred 10 years after that.  Counselors can be great if you feel a good connection with them.  If you feel it’s not working try somebody else.  Your inner Self will tell you when it’s truly there.  It doesn’t work unless you find that genuine connection.  You can usually feel the right chemistry of the connection.  Interesting feelings will come out, laughter, tears, giddiness, energy, euphoria, the feeling of flying, powerful dreams, etc.  So please try hard for this and don’t give up until you do make it work.  It’s definitely worth fighting for.  Trust me!

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