Healthy Living Secrets

Here are some of my best healthy secrets! And I will explain them to you basically in the order as I learned them and evolved into a healthier person during a “meaningful change” period in my life, not just a temporary weight-loss fad like so many people get fooled into trying!  A lot of the articles contain videos which I’ve put together on my “MisterMakesSense” Youtube Channel. Feel free to check it out!

  1. James Teaches How to Enjoy Coconuts
  2. Please Make Your Own Salsa!
  3. 3 Great Diet Books You Must Read
  4. Nature’s Perfect Food: Beans!!
  5. Healthy Chocolate Ice-cream
  6. Back Salvation: How to save your back!
  7. How I became healthy: Part 1
  8. Divine Curry Chicken
  9. A Healthy Dream
  10. What does healthy food look like?
  11. How I became healthy: Part 2
  12. Middle Age Health Tips
  13. James’ Health Stories
  14. The Happy Soup 🙂
  15. The Best No Calorie Salad Dressing!
  16. Nutritious Spinach Popeye’s Secret
  17. One Healthy Snack At A Time
  18. Parents Save Your Children!
  19. Healthy Banana Bread
  20. Get Healthy With The “Bibimbap Diet”
  21. Those Fantastic Sesame Leaves!
  22. Kimchi The Super-Food & How to Make it!

Middle Age Health Tips


Greetings dear friends and newcomers.  I wanted to share with you what I consider to be some of the best health tips I’ve discovered over the last few years that really helped me to transform my life.  Honestly this is universal, holistic health advice applicable to all people, but there’s a real urgency to get this information to the middle-aged group whose bodies might be on the verge of breakdown and disease.  So it’s important to impliment this stuff as soon as possible.

I’m going outline some good information on fitness and exercise, quick weightloss information and then a bit about my newly aquired love for Yoga.  Yoga is like the piano player or guitarist putting that awesome level of passion into his instrument, however, with Yoga, you are focusing that kind of energy into yourself and our bodies are the beautiful, divine instrument, the temple.  You should think of your body that way.

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Welcome True Friends!

Greetings and Welcome! 

You really are on the right path!

(안녕! 그냥 영어공부 하고싶은 사람 여기 크리그 하세요!)

Thanks for dropping by.  I’m curious how you found this site.  Your story and your journey.  Don’t be shy.  Why not leave a message at the contact page? Thanks for coming anyways.  Now let me tell you the story of

Note: If you just want to study ESL, click here or “The Bondaygee System” from the menu.

The Story

Originally, nearly ten years ago while I was in Korea, I met a Buddhist monk named Park Ji-young.  We discovered together that we had an instant connection.  We were both artistic, creative and spiritual types of people.


We had a lot of interesting things to share with one another,  but Ji-young was most surprised when I showed her my Ocean of Love of story.  It was pretty special to me too. Suddenly Ji-young felt inspired to make a website to share the story and my many other creative, ESL songs and videos.  She really surprised me with her simple, beautiful graphics.  You can see her work in the website title above.  She identified herself with the moon and me with the sun. Thank you Ji-young wherever you are!

Unfortunately for me, she went to live in a temple and I moved back to Canada.  I didn’t know anything about websites, so I had lost my homepage for a few years. 

Sometime later,  back in Canada, I began studying website creation and was inspired to make a new website.  For a couple of years, I thought the website should only focus on ESL Studying, unlike the original,  which featured my stories.  Over time I realized without my stories, was lacking soul, it’s original vision and inspiration.   You see the Ocean Story is all about vision and how we perceive the world while “bondaygee” according to it’s Korean meaning symbolizes creativity,  transformation and rebirth. “Bondaygee” – 번데기 means cocoon.

Interestingly, since redefining and restoring back to it’s original scope and meaning, I seem to have millions of stories to write and I can’t stop,  nor do I want to. I feel in love again!  I’m very open and honest. I also became really healthy this last year through yoga and nutrition.  I’m sharing those stories too.  Don’t forget “Bondaygee is in your heart!” 

That was another poster Ji-young made for me from the comical “bondaygee song” music video and movie.

This is my Youtube Channel here to if you’re interested. Mind you, I accidentally deleted all my videos 3 years ago and had to re-upload everything.

Lastly, this story wouldn’t be complete unless I mentioned the contributions of a Hungarian Artist named Gergley Kovaks.  He made the beautiful icons and this cool poster picture below. 

Note, just because I love Pop Music, Beatles, etc, doesn’t mean I’m not an astute, philosophical person, because I am.  My art friends just happened to think my Bondaygee Music Videos were funny!


Here’s another piece of Park Ji-young’s artwork.  It’s just her “doodling”:

3 Great Diet Books You Must Read

Poor human health and obesity are devastating our societies in so many ways that it’s critical to get this information out immediately.  The crazy thing about this all is that simple awareness and knowledge can prevent most of these terrible health tragedies.  This is quite personal for me because I lost both a brother and a sister to the Canadian Medical System.  But that’s another story.  Continue reading “3 Great Diet Books You Must Read”

How I became healthy: Part 2

Discoveries with Yoga and Nutrition:

Well it was the summer of 2014 and I was feeling much better than I was 5 months earlier.  I went from 215 pounds to 185 pounds, but it seemed as though I was a little stuck with my weight loss again.  I had reached some kind of barrier with my routine.  As I was starting to enjoy my power yoga workout more and more, I think some seeds of overall awareness were growing at this time because it was around then that I suddenly became fixated on coconuts. (Here’s a coconuts video I made). Continue reading “How I became healthy: Part 2”