The Happy Soup



The Happy Soup 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a very happy soup that lived with a very happy family! And it had been this way for very many years, for the soup was the heart and the love of this whole family who gathered merrily at the table for supper each night and left the table for happy conversations, laughter and reflections near the fire before going to a bed full of sweet dreams.

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Nutritious Spinach Popeye’s Secret

By now the entire world is starting to wake up to the importance of healthy eating and specifically the fact that we don’t need to get 99% of all the diseases that plague our society.  The cure has always been to eat healthy, fresh natural foods loaded with nutrients and thousands of newly discovered phytonutrients which are said to be the “real weapons” against disease. Continue reading “Nutritious Spinach Popeye’s Secret”

Get Healthy With The Bibimbap Diet! 돌솥비빔밥

If you’re looking for a healthier way to eat, let me introduce to you the Bibimbap Diet.

Bibimbap is a very popular dish of rice and vegetables in Korea, but there’s a certain “healthy wisdom” in this dish which you can expand into an entire diet.  This is something that I’ve started to do in the last few years myself.  Continue reading “Get Healthy With The Bibimbap Diet! 돌솥비빔밥”

How I became healthy: Part 1

Hello again.  I wanted to share my interesting stories and discoveries about getting healthy, which I’ve experienced in these last 12 months, with the hopes that I might be able to help some other struggling people.  The time period is April 2014 to the present April 2015.

It’s been a really great change for me and as I have learned I have actually grown as a person.  So this is what you call “meaningful change”.  To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing more wonderful than finding your True SelfContinue reading “How I became healthy: Part 1”

Healthy Chocolate Ice-Cream

bondwelcHealthy Chocolate ice-cream? Yes you heard me correctly.  What I’ve realized is healthy food can and does taste amazing if you know how to prepare it.  Your taste buds will also really learn to appreciate good food as well!

The “healthy chocolate ice-cream” recipe is one of my favorites.  I thought I invented it myself last year, but realize that many people around the world know this delicious secret already!

This is what you do:

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