The World Stops – Brad Hampton

The Worlds Stops by Brad Hampton 

Here’s another sweet video we did for Kamloops recording artist Brad Hampton back in 2010.  Here once again I teamed up with Curtis Good for an excellent script, which really speaks for itself.  This is a very powerful song which we felt ought to be in film! So we did it!  I’m surprised Brad hasn’t already shot to stardom with this amazing song.  Here’s the lyrics and the story behind the song in Brad’s own words: Continue reading “The World Stops – Brad Hampton”

Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler

Here’s an upgraded version of Steve Butler’s heart-warming hit song and classic, “Old Mr. Jones”, which he wrote while we were back in Korea and playing in the bands, “Faded” and “Kunyang”.

Here’s the singer Stephen Butler’s Contact info on Facebook:

Great times! Great music! Read the story and lyrics below. Continue reading “Old Mr. Jones – Stephen Butler”

Two Little Cats Music Video

Two Little Cats by James Purdie. Music video.

Not only do I love cats, I even make songs and animated music videos about them!  Check out this little tune I made back in 2006 in Korea.  This features a bit of my animation skills.  I can do projects for you too.  If you need something done let me know.  Leave a message.  I also work in 3D graphics, photography, 4K film and more.