Music Therapy

Music Therapy is great for Mental Health.

Discovering Music Therapy

For some time coming back to Canada was a challenge because I wasn’t sure where to focus my efforts.  I have always had a huge passion for Psychology and I’ve had a great deal to share on the subject for many years now.

I greatly enjoy helping people through counseling & art therapies, but I’ve recently started to experiment with music therapy and I’m happy to say I’ve discovered some wonderful things about it. Continue reading “Music Therapy”

The Greatest Hero – James Purdie

This song was inspired by someone who gave me some pure love-energy when I needed it.  

A cute song to celebrate the transforming power of love! True Love can make heroes of us all. But would you go to planet Mars for your True Love? And is the highest kind of love a trans-dimensional type of experience like the 4th Dimension. Can it open portals? What kind of cosmic chemistry can occur between people? For some love is like looking into a dream come true. Indeed love is one the greatest mysteries in the Universe.

Special Thanks to my usual circle of friends who I use for constant feedback, Curtis Good and Brian Wiltse.
Filmed on the Panasonic GH4 in 4K with Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens.

Greatest Hero – James Purdie

For you I would drive into Ocean.
For you I could find all the emotion.
For you I would be the greatest hero in the world.
The greatest hero!

For you I could fight a fearsome dragon.
For you I would drive that crazy wagon.
For you I would be the greatest hero in the world.
The greatest hero!

For you I could climb the highest mountain.
For you I would the eternal fountain.
For you I would be the greatest hero in the world.
The greatest hero!

For you I would drink a magic potion.
For you I could swim across the ocean.
For you I would be the greatest hero in the world.
The greatest hero!

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Patanjali Free Audio Book
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Those of you who have followed my stories know that I happened upon what’s known as the “soul path” in my early 20’s.  I didn’t always believe what I had experienced.  Often it depended on the environment I was in.  Some people have an appreciation for such things, while other don’t.  Some people are actually downight hostile towards the ideas of such.  That’s a little unfortunate because time and time again I’ve always discovered it to be true.

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Middle Age Health Tips


Greetings dear friends and newcomers.  I wanted to share with you what I consider to be some of the best health tips I’ve discovered over the last few years that really helped me to transform my life.  Honestly this is universal, holistic health advice applicable to all people, but there’s a real urgency to get this information to the middle-aged group whose bodies might be on the verge of breakdown and disease.  So it’s important to impliment this stuff as soon as possible.

I’m going outline some good information on fitness and exercise, quick weightloss information and then a bit about my newly aquired love for Yoga.  Yoga is like the piano player or guitarist putting that awesome level of passion into his instrument, however, with Yoga, you are focusing that kind of energy into yourself and our bodies are the beautiful, divine instrument, the temple.  You should think of your body that way.

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Soul Stories

Soul Stories & Awakenings

General thoughts and ideas about finding and sharing spirituality

The Ocean of Love

A healing vision that seized me one day.  In fact, it’s all about how we see.  What a coincidence!

Marshmallow Mountain

One man’s metaphorical journey to “enlightenment.”  Is it real? You decide.

The Magical Bondaygee Story

This is the general meaning and vision of the Korean word ‘bondaygee’ and the inspiration behind this website!

Share Your Soul Stories

By sharing our own stories, we set a new precedant for healthy, authentic spiritual openess and new fearless erra!

The Truth About Chi Energy

One man’s experience with the phenomena known as “Chi” energy


All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K

All Along The Long-board

All along the long board is a comical script by my co-producer Curtis Good.  We work on a lot of projects together.

We modified it a lot together to try and include some spiritual elements, (one of my main life objectives) that would cause the viewer to question the mundane reality we live imposed on humanity. I have a special “soul story” Continue reading “All Along The Longboard (Comedy) Filmed in 4K”