Essential Korean For ESL Teachers

Hey friends.  How’s it going? I was just thinking about all of my Korean stories, which I have written out recently and I suddenly remembered what it was like in the first few years trying get by with such a huge language barrier.  I distinctly remember that the “turning point” in the success of my teaching had a lot to do with learning some basic Korean phrases to control classrooms.  So what I’m going to do is quickly share some of the most common and effective words for gaining class control and happiness.  I should also say that the Korean alphabet is the easiest in the world to learn with only 24 characters and anybody can learn it in just twenty minutes.  So that would also be a good start.

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Super Genius Kids 슈퍼 영어천재 키즈


bondwelcThese were my Super-Star students from Kwang Nam Elementary School in Seoul. This was one of my favorite schools and experiences for sure. You can see how well my “Bondaygee ESL System” works here. Mind you the students were pretty nervous doing their little recitals and did their best to say the words as fast as possible. If you were to talk to them and normal speed they could answer with near perfect pronunciation. Click a student to hear their recitals and the “Browser Back” button to go back to start.  The story about these great students can be found here at “The Amazing ESL Story”.bondwelc

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