The Happy Soup



The Happy Soup 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a very happy soup that lived with a very happy family! And it had been this way for very many years, for the soup was the heart and the love of this whole family who gathered merrily at the table for supper each night and left the table for happy conversations, laughter and reflections near the fire before going to a bed full of sweet dreams.

But, along came a race of evil Lizard-Aliens who were crazy about power and said, “Those families on Earth are far too happy and too healthy! We can never take control of the planet like this!” So they devised a plan to make foods with an evil magic that made poisonous foods taste good. One by one these foods entered people’s houses and slowly but surely, the happy soup was put way back into the fridge. When everybody was hungry, they went to the fridge and, one by one, began choosing the other poisonous foods that seemed to taste good. And slowly the happy soup was forgotten and eventually put into the freezer. This went on and on for some time and during this time the people became so lazy and so depressed for these were the adverse effects of the poisonous foods, the very plan of the evil, Lizard Aliens…

Until one day the family’s father who had been working at a camp outside of town was forced to sleep in the forest since he was too tired to make it back home. His body too had been aging twice even three times normal by then. And when he woke, he was so hungry, but he had no food left to eat. So he scrounged around the forest till he found an assortment of wild roots, mushrooms and berries and he put them into his pot to cook over the fire. As the food cooked in it’s broth, the smell was wonderful and it really connected with the weary, starving Father’s stomach. He could barely wait to eat it! When it was done cooking, he gobbled it up in no time. Then a strange thing occurred, he suddenly felt invigorated and full of strength as he hadn’t felt in years. He couldn’t believe it and as he walked home, his strength continued to build and he meditated on the experience and finally came to the realization that his family had no longer been eating pure and wholesome foods and this must have been the cause of his whole family’s sickness and unhappiness!

So when he got home later that morning, he made an announcement to his family. He told them all about the good, natural foods he had eaten in the forest and threw away all the poisonous foods that filled the house. Then to his surprise, after he had thrown everything away, at the very back of his freezer sat an old frosty pot that had been left years ago. He pulled it out! “Why this is our old family soup!” he exclaimed. So he pulled it out and put it on his stove. Soon wonderful smells filled the house once more. Suddenly memories of joy and laughter filled everybody’s mind and the happy soup was reborn into the family’s stomachs and helped purify their bodies once more! Naturally they stopped eating fake, “garbage food” after that.

The End

Well I’m not exactly sure where I heard from, perhaps a dream. But somewhere I had heard that soups used to be the main food for your years and years and years. I definitely agree with this wisdom, so I whipped up a little story to celebrate it. Of course a similar story needs to be made about electronic devices too!


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