“The Mystery Sentence”

“The Mystery Sentence”:

This is another hilarious game that I loved and created.  Once you get into it, you’ll be making up funny games too with your own creative inspiration.

Ok, for this game, you can divide the class into two teams.  Then choose two representatives for each team.  Take those two reps outside of the room for a minute. Now make up a sentence.  Ask for suggestions from team reps.  Choose sentences that you are currently studying or vocabulary you’re working on.  Example: “He is walking to school.”  When you’re all decided, come back into the room.  The students can indicate how many words are in the sentence and each time writes some blank spaces on the board for each word.  (Example _____ _____ _____  ______ ______ ).  Now the team reps start acting out the sentences while the rest of the team tries to guess the sentence or words.  The team rep can then nod or possible say “yes” when they get one of the words, or until one of the team mates says the full sentence.


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