The Ocean of Love: A Soul Story & Vision


A Simple healing, love story that puts things into perspective, a soul story all based up on the human eye!

At the moment of creation, I also realized that it was aimed at the whole of humanity, especially those suffering the most.  This story is very similar to what Eckart Tolle says in the “Power of Now” about transcending the Egoic mind and transitioning to a reference point and reverence of the Eternal Now.  In Yoga Wisdom, this is called “Soul Vision”, “Zen” No-Mindness of Buddhism, or the “Christ-Consciousness” of Christianity.  And in short there’s no greater vision and realization than this.  Everything else is miniscule and trivial compared to it.

The importance of this transition is you are no longer caught-up, and entangled by the egoic mind, its limitations and limited scope, but have realized a Oneness with the Universal Inner Divinity.  This is a real evolution-of-consciousness-process, which exists throughout the Universe and not just on planet Earth.  By shedding the egoic mind, you become enraptured in the awesome gift and potential of the inner light which unites everyone and everything in the universe.  But if you don’t have this as a regular point of reference, then it is very easy for the mind to be swayed, which is why I’d recommend something like meditation 3 times a day and incorporating this subject (soul awareness) into your daily purpose as it is an inspirational way to live.  The Pure Life, the real thing, inner and outer truth in harmony especially as it unites and raises your vibration, is the breath of the divine holding up humanity and lifting the veil from everyone’s eyes to complete this age old cycle and finally liberate planet from this 3 dimensional egoic mind struggle.  Read on to hear this allegorical depiction of the human situation with these interesting parallels to the human eye!  And will humanity make this giant leap in our lifetime with technology so rapidly spreading information about the hidden truth and potential of our existence? I for one will say I witness a “Great Awakening” occurring especially in the last 7 years.  It’s important to note that humanity and this planet have been controlled by toxic forces for a long time.  What would it be like if that dark cloud was finally lifted? What’s it’s like living in a toxic, dysfunctional house when the toxic parents finally find a true healing? Oh how the children and pets do rejoice.  Let’s say a prayer and hope for the best with faith in humanity!

Preface: (story is down below)

 symbol of the eye

The Human Eye

As I studied the Human Eye for a Sensation and Perception Class in 1993, some interesting connections started to emerge.

What is the eye? Obviously it is the part of the body we use for seeing the world. But also, the eye is the greatest symbol for the way we see, perceive and understand the world. Do we all see the same? It’s a good question. Wise people for thousands of years have said that the “eyes are the windows of the soul.”  It’s a fascinating idea. Personally, I say that every human being has a story to tell, a soul story.

So perhaps if we care enough and look deeply enough into someone’s eyes we can actually see this story.  What follows is one of those such stories. First take a look at the mysterious coincidences found inside the eye itself.

Inside the Eye: (two kinds of vision)

cones contrated into the fovea

Surprisingly, if we really do ride the rays of light through the pupil, past the iris and through the lens and onto the retina, we can find that there are, in fact, two kinds of light sensors: (the cones, the rods), which provide us with two kinds of sight: day&central vision vs night&peripheral vision.

Several million little cones are concentrated together on one little spot in the center of the retina called the “fovea”, and they themselves are surrounded by the rods, like an island in the center of the ocean.

Two Kinds of Vision

Check out some mysterious and fascinating coincidences about these types of vision by click here or continue on to the story below!

With these ideas in mind, read the story and let’s see what you can see:


 A beautiful, modern tale of humanity reaching enlightenment.

(Korean Translation Here (한국 번역 여기)

Opening Letter I

n the not too distant future a very surprising thing happened, indeed. God actually did descend from the Heavens down to Earth! It was obvious that the world, people and the environment were so badly deteriorated that something had to be done. In order to straighten things out, the great divine spirit decided to change those who were truly in harmony with nature into dolphins where they lived in the great Ocean of Love. As for the others, who were destructive to nature and fellow humans, they were forced to live on a tiny island in the centre of the ocean, which in many ways resembled that little dot in the middle of the retina called the fovea, which governs “central vision.

Life on this tiny island, let’s just call it, “Fovea”, like that dot in back of the eye, was unpleasant to put it mildly. For the Foveans of the island were even further “blessed” with a Tyrant, by the name of Hyanus whose Doctorial thesis was on “The Importance of Counting Sand.” And, now being on an Island surrounded by beaches on all sides, he had the insane idea of counting all of the grains of sand, and indeed it was important to him, an obsession to which no argument of the contrary could prevail.  And so it was that “The Grain of Sand” was the Law of Fovea.

Living on Fovea Island was quite unbearable as you might expect and exceedingly unpleasant to imagine. But if you must, try to conjure up the image of a mega-enormous traffic jam, the likes of which New York, Mexico and Tokyo haven’t even seen. And so it was. Every single day, including Saturdays and Sundays, in the hot, blazing sun, the people trudged out like hopeless, herded cattle to the beach where they knelt with tweezers and magnifying glasses in the horrible, oppressive heat and counted tiny grains of sand while the sweat-life poured out of them in buckets! And the one thing I can say for sure about this place is that it wasn’t God’s will at all. It was simply the most unnatural place in the world and perhaps the entire Universe.

The Great Tragedy 

LIfe is full of irony and contradictions and this island was no exception. Likes roses have thorns and thorns have roses, mysteriously, there were two teenagers, named Peter and Nadia, who by some cosmic mistake, also landed on the island. But when it came time for counting sand every morning, well, they just ducked out and stole away to a relatively, inconspicuous part of the beach, where they sat and dreamed about that great “Ocean of Love,” that lay before them. Nadia’s voice, like a soothing, gentle breeze, loved to tell Peter’s grateful ears all about the beautiful sightings and occurrences of the dolphin-people surrounding the island, whether it be their playful games of racing, chasing or jumping, the two of them were especially enchanted with the wonderful mystery of what seemed to be happening below the surface as every now and then a pair of dolphins came flying out of the water like shooting stars! They gasped in awe each time it occured.  They liked to imagine that it must be some kind of true love story occurring in the depths below and it was, perhaps, a magical kiss that launched the two dolphin-lovers out of the water towards the Heavens.  Could it be?

How fortunate it was that Peter had Nadia, for Peter was actually blind. Sadly, on a tragic day before, Peter, who was completely fed up, had spoken out “against the grain of sand,” the island’s law, and received a whip square in the eyes by one of the island’s numerous Sand Scientists. Nevertheless, and despite all of these horrible odds, the island, the scientists, Hyanus, his blindness, Peter still had a brilliant capacity to feel. And he could truly feel the beauty of Nadia’s words as she painted wondrous pictures for his imagination with each dreamy detail.  She was something of an artist with her words you could say for sure.  Some people just have that ability.

Nadia looked at Peter and sighed. If she could only just take Peter by the hand and walk into the water… Unfortunately that too was “against the grain.”

 The Sand Scientists

The Sand Scientists, as the name suggests, were experts on counting sand. In the life before, one was a former Accountant and now had really big ideas and special formulas on the counting of sand, like the ones used to calculate those billions of hamburgers eaten around the world. Another, a Psychiatrist, was doing serious experiments with Blind-Mice instinctively running towards a light in a dark maze dug out in the sand. Ironically his empirical study only focused on the “X-number”of mouse-droppings (since they resembled sand) in each trial run. Yet another Sand Scientist was an old school Grammar Teacher. And believe me, nobody could line up those tiny grains of sand like this guy. His sense of order was impeccable. Ahh.. the Science of life, the Science of living! Nothing but pure facts in support of counting sand.  Naturally, the Sand Scientists, with their titles of power, were all of great value to Hyanus. They all unquestionably believed in the Importance of Counting Sand and so the people, with little confidence of their own, believed them as well. It’s notable to point out, however, as far as my recollection goes, there wasn’t one female Sand-Scientist on the island.

When darkness came at the end of this torturous day, these poor, dehumanized people trudged their way back to their little dwellings, constantly pushing one another forward so as not to collapse right there on the spot. When they finally did get home, they dropped, dead-tired into their beds with exhaustion, and many actually did drop dead too!

Peter and Nadia

In a brilliant contrast, however, was the way in which Peter and Nadia, spent their evenings. They actually loved the night time the most of all and felt incredibly “connected” to each other in a most magical way. The two of them seemed to even have the ability to meet in their dreams, in which they travelled with one another to the most exotic, romantic and wondrous places in world. They just loved flying through the beautiful summer sky. If dreams were only reality…….

Life passed on in this fashion for quite some time, and then one evening, Nadia’s biggest dream of all came to her and when she woke up, the words “I’m right, I’m right!” were still on her sweet lips. (In fact, she had always been right about this particular dreamy-idea.) It was a pure, luminious, inspiring idea and thought that lifted her up out of bed, though she couldn’t yet articulate it. So, she frantically dashed off to see Peter instinticively who was already up and about moving around with all his intuitive wisdom and just cracking a coconut as she walked in. He was grinning as though he already knew.

“Peter Peter!” cried out Nadia. However she didn’t have to finish.

“I know,” he answered smiling at her in the direction of her radiance. And then she walked over to give Peter the one thing he waited for his whole life. The two embraced and shared, what is now being acknowledged by the Poets of our time as the greatest kiss in modern history. And then, just like a fairytale, Peter’s sight magically returned as both had finally achieved “true-love-bliss” which actually made God smile from up in heaven. And in an act of blessing, the Almighty sent a white dove, which fluttered down and landed on Peter’s hand. Sight, however, was not the only thing Peter recovered. For at the moment Peter also became 100 times more sensitive, like a new born baby. His heart also grew enormously as did his ability to Imagine, and to think and concentrate clearly and deeply. His thoughts plunged into unseen depths like the dolphins around him and it was in this moment that Peter realized that he really did belong out in the Ocean.

Nadia’s Epiphany

The two of them, in giant leaps and bounds, made their way to the beach, as though the “Ocean of Love,” itself were pulling them. And as they ran, they looked up in the sky and saw an enormous white cloud heading their way too, like a tempest was gathering strength. With a windswept tear in their eyes, so full of energy were they, that they nearly knocked over the assembly of sand counters preparing at the beach.

And then, Nadia, standing up for the first time in her life, climbed up on a big rock and cried out with her blazing ocean-blue eyes, “People of the island….you don’t have to count sand anymore!” Her words, booming out, shattered the oppressive, dead atmosphere. And in a startling reaction, everybody suddenly stopped counting sound, that monontonous grinding ritual,  and looked up at her. Hyanus on the side of the Island could sense something was wrong and look around. This was another great moment in history. For this island of Fovea, which appeared to be previously slumbering or unaware, suddenly woke up from the sound of Nadia’s inspired voice. The enchantment was broken and it seemed that their imaginary chains, which weighed them down so horribly, just slipped right off.

The Truth About Humanity

“We were born to be free and united, irregardless of Race, Religion, Language, Status, Occupation or Wealth, just like we were as children!” echoed Nadia’s voice. “Our differences are nothing but grains of sand on the lonely island of your own, poor, disconnected mind! Come and join us in this divine of Ocean of Love!” And with that, the one boy and the one girl who started it all, and the great majority of the people, made their way out to the Ocean of Love where they instantly transfigured into dolphins. At this time, had anyone looked back, they would have seen the crazy leader, Hyanus, and a number of “sand-scientists” still looking on, speechless, with their impotent whips dangling from their hands. I think they too, however, got the picture before long in spite of the horrible brainwashing they received while growing up!

And as for that great white cloud, the tempest, well that just turned out to be more than a billion doves descending from heaven. And I guess, the people finally realized it was time to start listening and believing once more in the Artists and the Dreamers of society. Also I believe that the hopelessly broken-hearted, homeless people too were finally understood and cared for. Lastly, I think all of the “emotional-blindness” in the world also finally disappeared as well!! And so people could at last openly and freely share love as it is in Heaven!

Later in history, this time became known as the great Renaissance of the Modern World, a true Age of Aquarius.

And so now my dear friend, brothers and sisters of the world…….

Can you imagine?

 Simple story interpretation here otherwise checkout some interesting coincidences below.

More Symbols for the Eye.

Possible Symbols for these two different types of vision

Two Kinds of Vision

Brief Scientific Facts about the Cones and the Rods:

  • Cones: (day vision)
  • Cones give “normal vision”
  • Give very clear, sharp images, (like a 1,000,000 mega-pixeled camera)
  • Color images
  • Central vision
  • Focused image
  • The Cones are concentrated in little dot in the centre of the eye called the “fovea.”
  • This “fovea”, (cone-concentration) looks like a little “island”.
  • Rods: (night vision)
  • for seeing in night, in dark places
  • not sharp images, not clear
  • not accurate
  • rods are 1000 times more sensitive to light
  • the rods surround “fovea” like an ocean

Fascinating Coincidences

There are many fascinating coincidences inside the eye, especially if we are to look at this inner-eye in a symbolic manner.

Surprisingly the inner structure of eye actually corresponds with what many philosophers and psychologists already believe about the psyche.

In particular that we all possess both “rational” and “irrational” thought processes.  So in other words, not only do we possess two actual ways of seeing but also we have two basically different ways of thinking.

An example of a rational thought process would be our laser like precision ability to think logically with Science.  And indeed logic, like a laser, is a great tool of the psyche.  But it’s not the only one. On the other hand, an irrational process, obviously, is that which isn’t “rational.”  For example, a sudden creative vision looming out from apparently nowhere, much like the way this book idea came to me, Eureka!

This way of looking at the mind is very rich indeed.  Jungian Psychologists, too, have for many years considered our “ego” to be like an island surrounded by the “unconscious”/ocean.

I would like to invite you for the moment to suspend your existing biases for the moment and follow through with this idea to see where it leads.  The symbols and coincidences I’ve found here are for me, are seemingly infinite, but I think that this is the true nature of art.

Good art is like a captivating, mesmerizing golden fire with which we can really discover some truly beautiful, wondrous thoughts and ideas. With these interesting thoughts in mind I invite you to read this story.  Afterwards, I’ll share a few more symbols and associations with this Cones/Rational/Island vs Rods/Irrational/Unconscious model of the human psyche.

The Cones: (The Island/The Fovea):

  • Being stuck on “central/day vision” can be like any of the following below:
  • A prisoner in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” (head chained in one direction)
  • Can only see in one way, (myopic, unable to see ‘big picture’)
  • Sharp, narrow focus of light on fovea is like precision Logic, rationality
  • Linear (one dimensional), The tragedy of Science (focus exclusively on empirical studies with no regard for soul)
  • The Isolated Ego, superficial, shallow thinking, limited logic, mundane, soullessness, neurotic, “cut off”, anxious, closed mind/heart
  • Darkness, Chaos, mob mentality, materialism, “sleep walking” -unaware, disconnected, frozen, lost
  • “Obsessed with the “way things look” rather than deeper reality
  • Tiny hell (if you are stuck)

The Rods: (“Night Vision”/“The Ocean”)

  • Being united with this other kind of vision can be like the following:
  • Multidimensional thinking, Wholeness, Fulfillment,
  • The Infinite Field of Energy (As stated by Nikola Tesla 100 years ago!)
  • Depth, The Unconscious, Feelings, The Soul
  • Other thought process (creativity, intuition), depth of thought
  • “Meaningful” experience, “mystical” experience
  • Mind of God/Hand of God/Breath of God
  • Imagination, “flowing” movement like Dolphins
  • Relaxed, peaceful, open heart/mind -> meditation
  • Full experience, light, mysterious, beautiful, helpful energies
  • Dreams, High Purpose, Earthly Mission
  • Faith, Divine Inspiration
  • Art:
  • Music- universal language
  • Riches of the Soul
  • Stories, Drama, Painting, Dance
  • Mindless -> Zen Buddhism
  • “Connected feeling”

Back to the Story

Story Interpretation:

Well I hope you can see that there are many symbols and ideas packed into this little story and allegory.  First of all, it being based on the types of vision is a small miracle in my opinion because a false vision is probably the greatest ailment of our whole society.  The truth is: there’s nothing more profound, amazing and spiritually real and or uplifting then the gift given to us within our own souls. It’s through this common realization that all people and all of nature becomes united in one with divinity and true bliss.  There’s an energy inside of us like a magical, golden treasure chest opening in a good Disney movie and everything other thing we have tricked into believing can be reduced to a grain of sand in significance to this one great Truth.  That is soul vision.  I strongly encourage the readings of “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” translated by Charles Johnston.  I feel that vision captures the truth of what this about.

It is said in Yoga philosophy that people must first overcome the animal nature, followed by the deceptive and blinding nature of our own mind-ego, which fights to take power over our souls, the true heir to the inner spiritual throne.  Sigmund Freud taught us of at least 20 ways in which “Ego-defense-mechanisms” will trick us into not seeing the truth.  And consequently in the story, humanity is depicted on this lonely island with the insane task of counting grains of sand.  Take notice it’s an insane leader and a collection of “Sand Scientists” who humanity has decided to give up their common sense to.  All the while, the beautiful “soul vision” beckons to all those who gaze upon it like a golden a sunrise or sunset speaking of some great ancient truth that resonates with us all.  So the island is about our lonely egos and being stuck their for ridiculous reasons.  It’s not until we start to hear and trust our own inner intuition, feelings and heart that we learn to escape this island.  Seeing and or feeling the truth in the eyes of another enlightened one is also a great way to do it.  We know through feelings not by appearances or mentalization of spiritual concepts and or dogma.  Spirituality is something that is real and that you feel.  So we are directly connected to it and nothing is above that.  Feel it now! Trust it! Believe it and meditate on it.  Look at the golden sunset and meditate that you have the greatest treasure on Earth inside of you.  It will come!

As you take this wisdom with you into the future and continue to mediate upon it, you slowly become aware of certain, interesting things.  These days I’m of the opinion that humanity was once united in one with this great vision, but that somehow we were scattered, maybe by a great cataclysm and this basic wisdom was largely forgotten with the rise of the personal ego.  Being stuck in this “lower vibration” of constant conflict obviously hampers this “higher truth” from breaking through.  There’s much to be said. I’ll write more later.

Stages of Development:

1. Overcome animal nature and instincts.

2. Overcome deceptive ego and mind.

3. Become one with higher power and our spiritual Selves.

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