The Truth About Chi Energy

About 20 years ago, by chance,  I met a “wise-woman” at my University who changed my life in 20 minutes! I had gone to see this Academic Counsellor because I wanted to drop a course and didn’t want it to affect my GPA.  But something quite amazing and unexpected happened while talking to her.  We discovered a huge “inner-connection” together you could probably say.

From my point of view, since my teenage years, I had been trying to understand confusing, metaphysical issues and philosphical-psychological problems that I become engrossed in at the time.  The problems were so confusing and it even felt like tiny cracks in logic opened up into huge chasms of doubt, leaving me very uncertain about life and reality.  I felt truly alone in that quest until the day I met Catherine.

From my perspective, when our meaningful connection occurred, I remember looking into her eyes and discovering that she knew exactly what I had been experiencing and she seemed like an expert of this “inner world”.   I could feel some kind of inner chamber open up and a beautiful energy came out.  Surely, it would be something that you feel rather than see, but do not doubt the magnitutde of what I’m saying.  This is some kind of real life phenomena. I would say a very important life cycle. Perhaps this was like a true “rebirth” type of experience.  The most important take away message from all of this for me was, “there is something far more beautiful and meaningful in life than what the material world could offer and that was thing I would follow forever.”  I can’t help but think of Jesus’ parable of the Sower.  The man finds a treasure in a field he’s working and then sells everything he has to buy that one piece of land.  And so it was for me. I’m sharing this story for others who are searching in the darkness as I once was.

The next important thing I discovered on this journey was that in the following year, whenever I started share this true story with people I trusted, I would always start to feel a kind of “glowing energy” in my solar plexus area.  I’d often catch the entire room listening in on the conversation too.  But I think it’s important to contemplate and meditate for a while on the meaning and the purpose of that “good energy” vibration.  What a phenomena it is! I’m sure there is no known scientific explanation for it, though I would guess it has something to do with quantum physics, light and photons.  What can be said about it, however, is it’s a beautiful, good feeling. I imagined it for many years as a kind of “good sign” that I was mindfully choosing the right thoughts, where it is so easy in this world to become ovewhelmed with negativity, even from ourselves.  That feeling also returns upon connecting with certain creative people with me and I’m sure they are feeling it too.  Sometimes I think you can look at someone and say “are you feeling this too?”  That’s what I call a good connection!

While I lived in Korea, I heard people call this energy Gi.  The concept of Chakras seemed to connect well too, though I’ve only really physically felt it in the solar plexus area I think.  I also remember reading “Celestine Prophecy” in the 90’s and thinking this is the same kind of thing.  I’ve also seen “Chi” energy people who meditated in the same way I started to do naturally and I therefore concluded it’s the same universal phenomenon.  I have had a great many spiritual dreams in my life too which also produce that good energy feeling when contemplating.  In short, I’d like to whole-heartedly say the Chi Energy is real and I hope you find it and take this story seriously.  I sometimes think about Oscar Wilde’s quote: “Life can indeed be like the gutter at times, though some of us are focusing on the stars.”






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