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Those of you who have followed my stories know that I happened upon what’s known as the “soul path” in my early 20’s.  I didn’t always believe what I had experienced.  Often it depended on the environment I was in.  Some people have an appreciation for such things, while other don’t.  Some people are actually downight hostile towards the ideas of such.  That’s a little unfortunate because time and time again I’ve always discovered it to be true.

My studies in Psychology quickly turned to the source of creative energies and how we connect to them to express and give light to these “hidden inner treasures”.  Through these studies and learnings I realized the value of feelings, passion and “meaningful connections”, especially ones that give you an inner-energy “Chi” sort of feeling.  I remember contemplating these mysterious back in high school and noticing the way in which my grade 11 science teacher, Mr. Schroeder, literally came alive like a wild man when he left the mundane lesson he was teaching to speak about the mystery of atoms.  He seemed to get “full of the spirit” as his arms flew against the chalk board dazzling us with his treasured knowledge on these great mysteries.  I was impressed and that’s the way I wanted to learn, with passion and energy!

Anyways, to summ it up, it wasn’t until a month ago that I happened to be perusing the free audio books on when I stumbled upon “The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali”(Listen or download here). Honestly, I find it to be quite amazing.  Although I love much of the Christian Bible, especially the parables, it seems to be lacking on actual instruction of how to become a spiritual being.  It seems to be too much of a generalization and an “intellectualization” of the phenomenon known as soul and spirituality.  And you can definitely feel a rather lopsidedness to it, as though the wisdom aspect, the “sacred feminine” as we counselors call it, was largely cut out.

Without ruffling too many feathers here, I want to point out that indeed the whole “Christianity Movement” was hijacked by the Roman Empire and a certain “purging” (burning of books) did take place that didn’t fit with the Roman imposed Orthodoxy.  We have to remember the Roman Empire was the super power of Europe and their power was threatened.  Insterestingly, in the last 15 years we’ve had the 9/11 epic play out in our times, and it does seem like the public’s common sense was also hijacked for deliberate reasons there as well.  It’s important to consider the similarity of these historical events, especially if you want to get to the roots of soul and truth.

In short, I just want to point out the fact that the “Jesus” written in Roman History, that we have came to know, might not be a very accurate potrayal at all of who he was.  I think we owe it to anybody who has lived and died for such a cause, if that was the meaning of his life, to honor him enough to seek his real holy ghost and story.  Don’t you agree?

One of the most startling discoveries I think on this subject matter was the recovery of the “Nag Hammadi Scrolls”.  You see, while Romans were quickly burning every book and person that went contrary to their imposed power and orthodoxy, some people felt it important enough to go and hide an entire library of books.  There’s a good book about the significance of this in history by author and scholar Elaine Pagels called “The Gnostic Gospels.” 

Just as I felt my university was unusually slanted towards pharmaceutical theories of “brain imbalanaces”, so too did I feel Christianity was unduly balanced towards a masculine kind of energy, an energy mysteriously lacking in heart and soul, kind of like the Roman Empire itself.  The significance of these Nag Hammadi Scrolls, which were dated to roughly 50 AD approximately, was that they show a different kind of Jesus then we all know.  We see a Jesus in which Mary isn’t a prostitute at all, but his number one loved disciple who even kisses him on the lips.  Feel free to read and meditate on it for yourself.  But for me, it seems to redeem the sacred feminine lost in our culture.

With all that being said, I’ve felt that these Sutras of Patanjali might actually be closer to the source of the true Jesus’ inspiration.  Most spiritualists like myself already known and believe that Soul is a universal energy bound by no culture or religion.  (When knowledge is always based upon feeling and soul, it only builds upon itself and you can always feel when something fits or not.) Why I loved The Sutras of Patanjali was because it was more than just some vague and general musings on spirituality, it is an entire system on how to develop your soul and spirit.  I know the Sutra words have connected a great deal with what I’ve already considered my basic wisdom base.  Maybe they will for you too if you put your heart and soul before the trappings and imposed authorities over your mind.  Above all, think for yourself and not what you’re told to think by any so called “authority figure” scientist or whatever. Use your heart, soul and feelings to be your ultimate judge.  Look for that “energy buzzing” vibration in your solar plexus as you ponder and meditate upon things.  There’s an interesting absence in the Christian Bible when Jesus disappears for ten years of his life.  Some say he perhaps went off to study with the Eastern Spiritualists.  I think that might very well be true.  It’s pretty hard to know such things at this point.  But the mysteries and powers of the soul are far greater than most people realize.  Of that I am at least certain!  So venture forth with your love of truth and see if you’re not also inspired by The Yoga Sutras of Patanajli.

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