The “Very Good Words” Series

What is “Bondaygee’s Very Good Words?”

The “Very Good Words” Collection is an:

Essential English or Korean Vocabulary-Pronunciation-Mastering-System.  You never forget the words!

Please note: This system is much easier than you think, but you should follow these suggestions:

1. For English People learning Korean: a) First learn the easy Korean alphabet. b) Print the word lists and read as you listen. In a very short time you don’t need the list. Lists are here:

2. For Korean students, print out the lists found at and read the word list as you listen.  In a very short time you won’t need the list.  Just watch the video or you can sing it yourself!

Presently there are eight vocabulary videos that have been made, which includes more than 300 of the most essential words and expressions for speaking English today. This work also represents twelve years of my life teaching ESL with a passion to Korean people.

What’s great about Bondaygee’s Very Good Words is that:

  • You can quickly and easily learn today’s most commonly used English words and expressions!
  • You will be able to memorize each list of words in about 2 minutes of your time!
  • As you sing and practice, you will achieve perfect pronunciation and confidence in speaking these vital words in public!  (Using a Konglish variation of an English word is unacceptable and not even understandable in the real English World).
  • Because they are set to music, these word lists will stay alive in your memory forever!
  • If you ever need to review a list of words, it only takes 2 minutes!
  • Because this study is mixed with music, it’s extremely inspiring and satisfying.  It’s almost like doing a yoga workout to start your day or class! Positive Energy!
  • This system was made for Koreans! However, people studying the Korean language can easily learn the Korean words too, just as I did!
  • For each set of words, there is also a series of “practical sentences” read by myself and a native Korean speaker, which you can study too on our website.
  • Finally I’ve also set up free online tests for each series of words, which you can practice until you’re perfect!  Tests are here:

Above is a sample video, but you can enjoy it all for free at System.Bondaygee.Com  I’ve had fantastic results with this series at public schools in Korea.  I will share all of that and how I did it in an upcoming article with a lot of video footage, which I documented at the time.

Update: Here’s the public school where I used The Bondaygee ESL System on 10 Identical Classes.

Here was one of the stars:

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