We are not alone in the Universe!

I have been waiting to share this story for sometime as it can be rather alarming for some people. However, when seen in the correct light, it can be extremely inspiring and there are some incredibly positive implications to it. I honestly love it! I wasn’t interested in ufology, however, for most of my life and then when it opened up to me, I was also reluctant to share, obviously, because of years of deliberate CIA misinformation to hide this incredible phenomenon. Intelligence agencies have also used campaigns of ridicule and scorn to stigmatize and discourage anybody who speaks about it. Nevertheless, there’s an exhilarating and enlightening reality that needs to be shared immediately with humanity. I’m sure you will agree when you grasp the scope of this truth.

The good news is, however, a massive shift in consciousness has occurred in the last 3 years and there’s a steady shift of awareness that has been occurring for the last ten at least in my opinion, a kind of Great Awakening I believe. With the frequent disclosures we have seen in the media such as Pentagon Confirming Tic-Tac UFO’s, Water Submerging UFOs, Pyramid Shape UFOs and even the big Disclosure of June 2021 admitting they have had no less than 162 such unexplainable sightings since 2016 alone! Pilots are no longer being ridiculed either or losing their jobs! And so with this all being said. It’s time for me to share my connection to the phenomenon as it happened to me and steadily grew in my awareness to the point of full realization.

My personal story on this subject begins with another story of mine under the heading: Spiritual Awakenings because it was at that time I began to feel energy in the solar plexus and the powerful dreams began. In the very first mysterious dream on the subject, at age 19, in the year 1989, I was:

Teaching at my University together with a friendly ET Being. As we addressed the audience in front of us, we noticed that some guys of a “toxic” personality type were visibly upset and projecting anger towards us. As matter of fact, they wanted to kill us as they were not comfortable with us and what we were teaching. My ET friend and I had to flee. We were going down a hallway and this frightened creature held out his hand for support. I embraced it and was struck by the sandy and soft rubbery texture of this gentle, little Being’s hand.

So that was the very first one of that nature. I was a dream recorder for many years since I had that first awakening experience and there so many unforgettable ones that they needed to be recorded, but still I thought nothing about it. Some subjects involved flying in space like Luke Skywalker, others like a great mother ship overhead and chance to leave Earth. Others like camping on the moon, seeing Mars Bases, other planet and people, several about beings on Earth, secret underground bases and people from Venus, were among the most memorable.

Now to fast-forward to about 2012, my inner awareness and understanding of the mysterious inner energy and powers was starting to make more sense. In my 20’s I first very influenced by Carl Jung and Artists. Later I found a Yoga Philosophy framework to be a very good match. One day, I had a really profound and undeniable telepathic experience with somebody through the dream state. Generally I find myself to be often quite lucid at times during the dream state . Shortly afterwards at some point, I started to get the idea that a lot of my powerful dreams were possibly similar to what CIA called “Remote Viewing”. Those ideas were simmering inside my head, but the huge explosion in awareness occurred when I hit point where my health was really starting to suffer and I made a goal to become healthy again.

In short, I discovered some amazing techniques to get fit fast, then as I was transforming myself for the better, I got into Yoga again (and suddenly understood and appreciated it), then nutrition, then meditation and Yoga Philosophy, particularly the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

As I found myself healthier than I ever was before, I began asking myself, what were the actual limits of human potential? Then next I became interested in the idea of removing toxins from my body as well. So I was experiencing a certain euphoric body sensation at this time and a lot of positive energy when I started dreaming about something friendly in the blue skies amongst the clouds. It was a few days a later a very, very blunt dream/message occurred like a Loudspeaker in my head saying this clear message:

Aliens are real. You can meet them. They are already in touch with people you know. The scene then directed to a certain brilliant friend I once knew.

That was it and I woke up laughing and shaking my head, but that same day there was a UFO reported in my own city. And I must say, it was a very compelling video which had the effect of making me meditate more carefully on the subject and giving it a second thought. This was really important because I suddenly realized how incredibly inspiring and liberating this concept was on many levels!

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