We are not alone in the Universe!

I have been reluctant for sometime to share this story and wasn’t even share under what heading to place this. I have chosen soul stories since it represents the deepest truths. I was reluctant because of years of deliberate CIA misinformation and Psyops to ridicule and scorn anybody speaks the truth on this subject. The good news his a massive shift in consciousness has occurred in the last 3 years and steady shift of awareness has been occurring for the last ten at least in my opinion. With the frequent disclosures we have seen in the media such as Pentagon Confirming Tic-Tac UFO’s and even the big Disclosure of June 2021 of admitted they have had no less than 162 such unexplainable sightings since 2016 alone. Pilots are no longer being ridiculed either or losing their jobs! And so with this all being said. It’s time for me to share my connection to the phenomenon as it happened to me and steadily grew in awareness to the point of full realization.

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