What does healthy food look like?

As I came home today from the “Bulk Barn” down my street in Kelowna, I pulled out the interesting assortment of things I bought and assembled them in my fruit dish.  Who doesn’t love a fruit bowl painting right? I know I love those paintings.

Suddenly it came upon me.  This portrait I had just created for myself was a picture of my evolving idea of “healthy eating.”  If you had asked me six months ago, what I thought “healthy eating” was, it would have probably looked different.  For example, I hadn’t realized or discovered the joy of beans and how to make them so well up until about a month ago.  Now I just love them and can’t imagine living without them, especially since I know how to make Mexican food so well.  Check out my Salsa and Mexican Bean Recipes.

Well feel free to drop your suggestion down below about what your definition of what healthy food is.

In my basket I had: Pinto beans, raisons, a few dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds (which I dreamed were healthy.  Turns out they are!), raw cashes, cocoa powder (great for frozen banana smoothies).  I already had the bananas by the way.  And all of it only costed $13.00.  So I think that is pretty good.  Of course my vegetables were in good supply in the fridge, with fresh romaine lettuce all bathed and chilled, ready for thirst-quenching consumption.



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