A Winter Homestay

“Sometimes you can forget how beautiful Kelowna is until you see it again through the eyes of a foreigner…..”
-James Purdie
As my Korean nephew, Jihoon, came from overseas for a return visit to Canada, 8 years older than the last visit, things couldn’t have been worse.

I had just sprained my left ankle while jogging and everybody in our house got the flu one after another. Then the giant snow storm hit, leaving us even more stranded. To make matters worse, I then got a pinched nerve on my right leg on the third week of the visit. Wow! Limping from one leg to the next was discouraging. My poor nephew, who had also gotten sick was really starting to miss his girlfriend back in Korea by this time.
Suddenly on January 17th, the Sun surprisingly came out and the beauty that spread across Kelowna was breathtaking. It was like a summer day in the middle of winter and my nephew and I could both easily imagine how amazing Kelowna is with the sun shining. We even saw somebody sailing on the lake. We came downtown and captured some of the golden sun. It was the First Hope of Spring and end to the winter darkness.


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