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jamesiconHi there.  I had a great idea today.  Actually I have had about a million great ideas in these last two weeks, since I have re-defined the scope of my webiste: (‘Bondaygee’ means cocoon in Korea for those who don’t know).

It has occurred to me that in this age of awakening that we seem to be coming into, how wonderful it would be if people would start to share their own “Soul Stories” of Wisdom and or Spiritual Awakening.

So if you would like to share a story which I could publish on, please send it to my contact page here.

With so much “brainwashing” going on in our world and media, it’s so critical that we as a species learn to differentiate these stories of wisdom and truth from media spin, which we are constantly bombarded with.  Watching TV is almost too much to bear these days, especially with all the lies and excuses used to start more wars on innocent people.

In my years of studying, I’ve come to strongly believe the fact that Spirituality is a universal and timeless experience that transcends all cultures and time periods.  This philosophy is very similar the ideas of the influential Swiss ‘Pioneer of Psychology’, Carl Gustav Jung, who discovered Universal Archetypes/Symbols which appear in all cultures, dreams and literature.  I also firmly believe that any institution that tries to close minds is on the wrong path.  Nobody should ever ask you to give up your own common sense.

Most of these universal truths and wisdom become apparent to anybody who ardently pursues the art of counselling psychology.  It has a lot more to do with one’s feelings rather than the rational intellect.  It’s when you “feel” a genuine connection with somebody else that you usually find they have something to teach you or vice versa.  There are true wisdom figures out there.  One of the best analogies I’ve seen is George Lucas’ great modern myth, “Star Wars.”  What a profound effect this story and film had on our society.  People should really ask why that is so.  But I think of most critical importance are the passages of the story where Luke becomes acquainted with “Old Ben”, who just happens to be a Jedi Knight, that old ‘forgotten’, superstitious religion.  If Luke chose to listen to his Uncle, he would have remained on the farm.  But instead he decided to trust Ben and thereby discovered his true nature and destiny.

Here’s that book:

“The Journey of Luke Skywalker: An Analysis of Modern Myth and Symbol” by Steven A. Galipeau

So please give it some thought, and consider sharing a story.  Have a great day!

PS> And for musical inspiration, try this one:

-James Purdiebondwelc

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