Last Letter Word Game

Last Letter Word Game:

This is a simple ESL-Game you can play with students who are past their Phonics level and building up their English vocabulary.   It’s very easy.  You just start with a word, then the student must make a new word starting with the last letter of the word you chose, and so on.  Give students three to five seconds to come up with a word, or they are out.  Example: I say, “Cat”, next student says “teacher,” next student says “rabbit,” next student says, “tree,” etc.  This game can be more fun when all the students get involved with the timing of like (“1-2-3-4-5 Buzzz!! You’re out!”)  Of course you continue until the last student is remaining.  They will be declared the winner!


Skill levels can be modified additional or few seconds between words.  You can even have some lower level students flipping through their English books to find words if need be.  Have fun!


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