Back Salvation: How to save your back!

Dear friends,

I really want to get this message to you ASAP.  It’s really of critical life importance.  Of course it’s common sense to many people already.  But still a lot of folks simply don’t know the dangers of prolonged inactivity and this especially applies to people who have to sit at a computer desk for long periods of time.  I can actually recall the point in my life, in which desk activity started to cause a dreadful decline in my health. Continue reading “Back Salvation: How to save your back!”

Essential Korean For ESL Teachers

Hey friends.  How’s it going? I was just thinking about all of my Korean stories, which I have written out recently and I suddenly remembered what it was like in the first few years trying get by with such a huge language barrier.  I distinctly remember that the “turning point” in the success of my teaching had a lot to do with learning some basic Korean phrases to control classrooms.  So what I’m going to do is quickly share some of the most common and effective words for gaining class control and happiness.  I should also say that the Korean alphabet is the easiest in the world to learn with only 24 characters and anybody can learn it in just twenty minutes.  So that would also be a good start.

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The Things I Love About Korea

A typical road-side highway rest stop in Korea.If you ever get the chance to travel and live in another country for a few years or more, it’s a wonderful chance to compare and contrast cultures and see what makes them each successful and beautiful in their own ways.

It’s actually an amazing wonder in our day and age just to be able to go and live in worlds that evolved seperately for thousands of years and I will tell you, it just doesn’t get any more different than Korea and Canada.  I was simply awe-stricken when I first arrived.  My first 12 hours in the country lives like an interesting impressionist painting in my memory because after you have stayed awake for so long on a plane, you’re jet-lagged, exhausted and in a semi-conscious state of mind with definitely some “dream-like” perceptions taking place around you.

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Small Kids ESL Videos


As you know, music is one of my big secrets for teaching.  Music is great for all kinds of teaching really, but it works amazingly with ESL learners.  I just wrote an article about my favorite Musical Movies for ESL Learning, however, for younger children there are some different recommendations.  By younger kids, I mean any age before 9 years old.  Several recommendations from the “Musical Movies For ESL Learning” article are great too.  But there are definitely several more that fit better with younger children.

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Share Your Soul Stories


jamesiconHi there.  I had a great idea today.  Actually I have had about a million great ideas in these last two weeks, since I have re-defined the scope of my webiste: (‘Bondaygee’ means cocoon in Korea for those who don’t know).

It has occurred to me that in this age of awakening that we seem to be coming into, how wonderful it would be if people would start to share their own “Soul Stories” of Wisdom and or Spiritual Awakening.

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The Laughing Cure

The Remarkable And True Story of Norman Cousins

“Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.”

   -Norman Cousins

In his novel, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins describes his rigorous recovery from ankylosing spondylitis, a painful collagen illness that rendered him immobile, and at its nadir, nearly incapable of moving his jaw. His doctor and long time Continue reading “The Laughing Cure”