Cheapest Cellphone Plans in Canada

A quick summary on the cheapest and most trustworthy smartphone plans I have found in Canada with the least amount of B.S.

So I just wanna share with you my experience and extensive studies of smartphone plans in Canada. When I first came back to Canada in 2009, I got a Rogers Smartphone with the assurance I had free data and service for 3 months. I also bought insurance for it. Two weeks later, I got a text saying that I owned 500$! That’s when the insanity started. I spent so much time calling and having fake charges removed. When that phone cracked I went in to take advantage of the insurance I bought for an extra 100$ I believe. Turns out they wanted another 100$ deductible on top of that! In short, I gave up smartphones for about 7 years. Here’s a funny piece of trivia: I actually smashed that very same Rogers Smartphone in a music video I made back then. This will make you laugh. Check it out.

Due, to the necessity of using a smartphone for work, I slowly returned with some strict rules. I would never use Rogers again and never use Data either. Luckily I found 7/11 Speakout had a deal where you could buy a 100 minutes for 25$ after a 10$ sim card purchase, and these minutes never ran out for a full year! This worked great for me until I needed more calling minutes with a different job. With 7/11 Speakout I could get through a full year with little more than 50$.

Anyways, my new job had a lot of emergency phone calls so I tried using Virgin for 30$/month unlimited calls and texts. I was pretty happy with this service for about two months. That’s when fake “Data” charges began to appear. How was it possible? I didn’t even have Data? This turned out to be a major waste of time for me and my whole family, since I had also recommended them to Virgin. I cancelled after several warnings to them.

I had also heard Freedom Mobile had a great deal, but it wasn’t compatible with my phone at the time. So that’s an issue with them and also coverage is limited. Since I had moved back to Kelowna, I gave Chatr a try and I’m happy to state there has never been a problem for me. I settled for unlimited talking/texting for 35$, then decided to upgrade to 40$ for an included 4 gigabytes of Data, which I never even come close to using in one month’s time. So in my opinion Chatr is the obvious winner! Also their online FB Support page is excellent, unlike the other time-wasting companies who obviously don’t value their customers. Chatr FB Support Page.

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